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  • March 19, 2023, 12:41 p.m.
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Where to start? ‘Tis been a whole month since I last posted. We got talk to the bank about a loan for a car. Through the questions and all I ended up with a credit card for $6000 and the option to bring info on a car as long as it was younger than 10 years old. I’ve never owned a car that was younger than 10 years old. We did some looking and riding. .... Drove Smart for 2 with like 50,000 miles on it… did not like how it jerked in and out of gear though. Apparently, that’s the way they drive. Maybe a thing in my future because they do get great gas mileage just that it would only be good for working Doordash and not for trips to the doctor or vacations to MI. Drove a few other cars and there were reasons not to get everyone. We found a perfect 2014 Nissan Sentra but the bank wasn’t willing to put forth enough financing and that meant I would have to cover nearly 3,000 on the credit card and have 2 car payments every month till one of them was paid off. I was not willing. So the search went on till we found this guy.

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I was told by a receptionist at the Chiropractor that I had to name my new car. I had to name it for no other reason than because my processor has a name (Ron, because Rondo 3 is the model) so I did.... but not before I gave him some personality myself lol
alt text
alt text
Yes, that’s a rainbow unicorn duck. There were 4 in the pack and I traded one to the girls at Dutch brothers and they gave me this one.
alt text
Now .... I’ve named him Denzel but there are only 2 people who KNOW lol.... and then you guys lmao so here’s the rundown. While Jake was in the hospital for mental issues this last time he was reading a book. I volunteered to read it with him and after I failed to find it at the local library I ordered a physical copy online for like a buck 45.... Jake has it now as I’ve sent it to him so he can finish it. Whenever that will be.... anyways.... The book was One Woman Short, a very cute story of reflection of a man looking back on previous relationships thinking he’d missed “The One.” somehow. He goes on this date with one of the ladies and she says she’s single because she just can’t stand how much guys sweat during sex. ( I feel ya girl) The man mentioned her trusty vibrator “Beckensworth” and she said her new vibe “Denzel” was getting the job done. LMAO.....
This Denzel, the car, I think he may be gay.... hinted by the rainbow unicorn but hollered in my face by the “Hey, seatbelt.” “Girl, seatbelt.” “Put on your damn seatbelt.” “Bitch don’t make me stop. Put that belt on.” Alarm lmao Rocky loves the alarm and I hate it but there’s no way to turn it off.... so.... he’s gay cause he won’t stop giving me sass about it. Moving on.....

He’s a 2012 Ford Fusion. I used all of that $6000 credit and like 350 cause of tax n title. .... Once it showed up in my online banking info I put $1000 on it. .... $5000 to go.

Only issues we saw were that the inside door handle is broken on the driver’s side. Meaning that to get out you have to roll the window down and open it from the outside. Also, one of the air pressure sensors is jacked. Both are fixable, in fact, bought the door handle for $50 and it’s in the back seat waiting for it’s turn on the huge “honey do” list. His car needs down first though.... brakes and some other part that’s making noise, he’s gotten the parts but with me doing Doordash he “Hasn’t had the car home long enough to do anything.”.....

We took Denzel for an oil change and the guy looked him over. They had the tires over-inflated (one is nearly bald and I’ll want to get that taken care over before a long trip) and the air filter had only been changed once and looked like someone had blown cig. smoke into it… it was that yellow.

I promise another entry later today. The list of things I want to do today is outrageous. I’ve got 2 more entries in me.

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