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  • Feb. 3, 2023, 4:03 a.m.
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Been a few days. I’m doing better. I finally got Rocky to take a COVID test yesterday. He’s showing signs of a cold.... says he could still go to work so I didn’t think he’d caught it yet and luckily it showed negative. Personally, I’m doing way better. I can breathe now and feel like I’ve slept a night or 2. I will take another test sometime today and hopefully wash my pillow and blanket and move back to my side of the bed tonight. I have enjoyed sleeping in the guest bedroom but I miss my fan and my bedside stand..... silly I don’t miss being woken up in the middle of the night when Rocky comes to bed.

Jake is going home today! He promised a call this afternoon on his cell :) something more than 5 mins .... something more than small talk .... I told him I loved him twice yesterday in places I knew Rocky heard.... well if he’d been trying to listen… he didn’t say anything about it.

Very little on the car to report. All together it feels like a lot though....

When the insurance agent got ahold of me, he seemed friendly and wanted to help. The next time he called he said that the man I hit told him I’d been working for Doordash. I don’t remember telling him that. I may have because I was nervous and scared but I don’t remember doing it. So I said “I don’t know how he would know that, I didn’t tell him that.” He asked if I was at the time and I said I wasn’t that I was “Headed to Wendy’s to pick up some lunch.” Moving forward it was Wednesday before Rocky got someone to tell him “We are investigating if she was working for Doordash or not.” I poked around the internet and tried to find out how much ïnvestigating” they could do, ultimately deciding to not work until I got solid word and could be done with the situation.

Then COVID and it became a moot point. I wouldn’t have worked anyway.

Here I am feeling better. Thinking about disinfecting all the pillows and blankets in the guestroom as well as surfaces I’ve touched....

I get a call yesterday I missed. I had Rocky call it back, the insurance guy needing me to send him a screen shot of my work log for the 16th. I looked it over and the accident report to see that yes, it shows that I was in fact working.... but I wasn’t.... so:

Attached is the requested information. I do see that the police report has the accident occurrence time at 10:52 and Doordash has me logged out at 11:06. This does not mean I was working for Doordash at the time. I was in fact going to Wendy’s to get something to eat for lunch when it happened.
I also see on the police report narrative that it says “Driver of V2 stated she did not realize the lane of travel was slowing down....” The fact is they did not “slow down” they just slammed on their breaks and stopped.
I realize that you will draw your own conclusions based on the information presented which is why I was reluctant to give Doordash information.
Please feel free to exchange any information with my husband. I have found myself extremely fatigued and disoriented with Covid …so…yay.

He replied: Good evening Jennifer:
Thank you for getting this to me so quickly. I hope you feel better soon. When you are up to it, I would like to have a conversation with you about this accident. You can call my cell phone when you are up to it. Again, thank you for getting this to me.

Feeling a bit rude this morning I replied: I would prefer you ask me anything you need via email. We have talked about this accident. I would like this situation to be resolved as quickly as it can be. I have no idea when I’ll feel “up to it” for a phone call. I seem to be coughing every time I open my mouth. Also, I seem to be awake at the worst hours (3:39am this morning).

Though not entirely true it’s true enough for me at this time. I’m tired of it already and even if he were to tell me I get nothing or owe $500 or whatever it would be better than this “holding my breath”.... also, I know when I do call him he’s going to reprimand me for not telling him I was working for doordash and I just don’t need to hear it right now.

The research I’d done about what they can investigate lead me to things I did not know. 1) I need to have some kind of commercial insurance to drive for these apps. I will be looking into that when I get another car but I know it’s going to be more expensive. 2) Door dash has insurance for if you get into an accident on the clock. Oh! so all will be well..... NO. It only covers the other participant. Meaning I file with them the other guy is taken care of but I get nothing for my car. I paid for full coverage on my car and should get something otherwise what’s the point of insurance at all....

Let me remind you this is my first accident ever and my presumed relationship with insurance companies is that they will do anything not to have to pay..... so forgive me if I’m guarded.

This concludes everything I intend to do today before taking a test. I’m also a bit tired now so I’m gonna go get a nap.

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