Book Two: The Fifteenth Year of the Third Millennium of the Common Era

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October 19, 2015

So, a needle pulling thread

Playing the part of the adult a bit more lately. Last night, knowing my morning would be early, I was in bed by 10. My Wife was expectedly unhappy with this turn of events; but she was not unhap...

October 19, 2015


One of the most important phrases in my life has been “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates said that… and allegedly, he is also the man that said “I know nothing save for the fact...

In a somewhat drunken state...... giving a great deal of thought to certain things while actively ignoring other things (I felt it important to say that) I somewhat sort of kind of maybe almost n...

October 16, 2015

So it's like this

Okay. This is interesting. Perhaps one of my more astute readers was correct in suggesting that now that I am working more full-time type hours, my desire (though it was admittedly unconscious)...

October 15, 2015

Family Share

Some of you know that my family is very close. When I say close I mean… my father’s cousin’s daughter I call Cousin. We all do. We’re not cousins once removed or any of that. We’re family. W...

October 15, 2015

Follow Up

I spoke with my parents last night. They were both excited and adamant that we move to Ames as soon as possible and do whatever we can to make the transfer a reality. I spoke with Wife last night...

October 15, 2015


Wasn’t going to write an entry today… but then we got some news that I don’t know how to deal with. So… let me pretend this is a regular entry and then BAM hit you with the issue. Today was anot...

October 14, 2015

You've Got To Be Kidding Me

These last 24+ hours, man. Seriously. Seriously- last night, wife comes home while I’m using our one bathroom. I am pooping which, oddly, isn’t something I do often enough. However, when she c...

October 13, 2015

Mass y Menos

Interesting things.... It was like I was on call today. Got a call at 2 that I didn’t need to come in to the Jail today because of the Government Holiday… then I got a call at 2:30 that I did ne...

October 12, 2015

Twitter: Stupid Brain

Okay… this is weird. I don’t usually have super sexy dreams… or if I do… I don’t realize it when I wake up. But… they have been happening more recently. Last night included a whole big event o...

October 12, 2015

Tiny Entry

Not much time to read or write today.... This morning, my cell phone went off around 8. What? No! Went off again. What? I didn’t set a G.D alarm! Third time.... oh… that isn’t an alarm. Th...

October 11, 2015

Twitter: Dreams

Bad brain. Bad naughty brain! All things considered, it is not the appropriate time to have detailed, thorough, sexy dreams about various beauties of Europe and/or female friends/acquaintances. ...

October 10, 2015

Philip J. Fry Day

Not really… it is just Friday. But wanted to write that. OMG… court was downright painful today! More of a reminder why (1) I don’t want to work in Nebraska and (2) I don’t understand how these...

October 09, 2015

Bit of the Every Day

It is rare that my marital difficulties are so… run of the mill; so as this popped up today, I wanted to post it here. Maybe even get some “here’s what I do” style advice. Wife, much to her disl...

October 08, 2015


Today started something… somewhat new. Ever since I took my current part-time job, things have evolved there. From simple Pre Trial Interviewing and Court appearances… to then deeper interviewi...

October 08, 2015


I am in such a damned funk! Usually… working out helps, but it only made things worse. This is graphic but… I can think of no better description than this. I often like to be in less clothing ...

October 06, 2015


A few weeks ago, some of you may remember, I had a run-in with a fellow former law student. I was in the Jail Courtroom (as I often am for my job) and in walked a colleague. An individual that ...

October 06, 2015

A Very Bad Omen

(1) TOTALLY not the point of this entry… but I have some friends under the age of 25. I don’t understand their world… I don’t like their world. But watching their relationships implode on Faceb...

October 04, 2015

Twitter: Enigma

OMG… seriously?! UGH! I will say, with confidence, the only reason I am still with my wife is because a vow… a promise… a commitment is important to me. My wife has specifically, expressly, a...

October 04, 2015

Twitter: An Example

You know how I talk CONSTANTLY about how much my wife hates/doubts herself? I could not have written a better example than what happened today! I was trying to tell Wife how beautiful she was to...

October 03, 2015

Twitter: The Nocturne

Grumph! I had another dream about Aoife. You’d think I’d be used to them by now but… they are still rather upsetting. Dr Oatman: Another dream about… what’s her name? That girl you’re obsessed ...

October 02, 2015

Twitter: Bid Tits Trom Foday

Bid Tits Trom Foday= Tid Bits From Today… yeah, sometimes I do weird stuff. That’s actually what this is about. I’m going to try to show a bit more of who I really am here. Not that I actively...

September 30, 2015

Keepin' On

Burpees this morning… ugh. They were the hardest they’ve been all week. I think my body is getting to that point where it realizes I’m actually trying to do it this time so Body is like “No! S...

September 30, 2015

Once MOre

Started the day with Burpees, weight lifting, and jogging. Then came back to find one of the recent Law School graduates got a job in Idaho. More proof that Iowa is uniquely messed up. Don’t be...

September 29, 2015

The Path Enforced (Long)

Today I am making a very concentrated effort to make a schedule, stick to it, and get a lot more PB reading done! Up at 7:30 am! Step One: Finish that ridiculous writing assignment for work. Tak...

Book Description

The adventures that take place in the year 2015 A.D. or for the scientifically inclined 2015 C.E.

My goals, set at the ending days of 2014, are as follows:

(1) I must pass the bar exam. On the chance that I do not pass in February; I will dedicate my entire existence to passing in July. After that attempt, I will attempt no longer.

(2) I must resolve this three year wedding photography issue. If we cannot receive the product we paid for, then a civil litigation may be necessary. We will receive our product, our payments, or our photographs… and if the civil remedies are too limited, I may file criminal charges.

(3) I must find employment. If I do not pass the Bar Exam, I must find employment in any field that provides a living wage; if I do pass the bar exam, I must find employment in my field.

(4) I must resolve the hanging issues of my marriage. Not only does this include working towards our long delayed Honeymoon… but this includes hard decisions, as well. Like… can I accept a marriage with no intimacy? Can I convince my wife of the importance of physical touch? Am I willing to risk another 3 years between sexual encounters? It isn’t fair to either of us for these questions to remain unresolved.