Philip J. Fry Day in Book Two: The Fifteenth Year of the Third Millennium of the Common Era

  • Oct. 9, 2015, 11:37 p.m.
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Not really… it is just Friday. But wanted to write that.

OMG… court was downright painful today! More of a reminder why (1) I don’t want to work in Nebraska and (2) I don’t understand how these people chose prosecutors!
Staff represented in this morning’s Arraignments. Myself, long-time professional representing the Neutral influence of Corrections. Wanda, long-time professional Public Defender. And… some new kid I’ve never seen representing the Prosecution. Not a trainee though, because he was by himself. Trust me… I’ve been to no less than 500 arraignments in Nebraska and actually acted as Prosecutor for some in Iowa during my externship. A good rule of thumb… if you can’t give a factual basis in 7 to 10 sentences; you are going on too long and wasting everyone’s time. This kid today? Was pretty much reading every other sentence in the police report as his “summary statement of the facts.” :0 Painful! You don’t need to read 25 pages of bullshit for an arraignment.
So I thought… holy cow… how did you get this job?! Then I remembered and realized.... if the two Mormon Deans’ kids were able to pick up jobs in the Prosecutor’s Office so easily… of course! The hiring office for Prosecutor doesn’t give two shits about experience, talent, professionalism, or skill. This kid knows somebody who knows somebody who got them the job and the understanding was “He’ll pick it up eventually.” Rassin’ frassin’ system.

Afternoon court was.... better? Ish? A few hysteric defendants who couldn’t imagine why they weren’t released. To which, the asshole in me says, “Sweetie… you can’t beat someone nearly to death in front of your children and then scream that we’re cruelly keeping you from your babies. Actions have consequences.” The asshole City Attorney was up today though so… he is the only guy that makes me feel genuinely bad for the defendants. He is a petty little man who gains joy by being a dick… so he refused to plea anyone down today. Who does that? Unprofessional and petty. And of course… mergh. Domestic Violence County Attorney? Mormon Dean’s Daughter that failed the bar twice. I’m getting over it (in my own way) but it certainly pisses me off. The good news? It pisses off my supervisor as well. The idea that who her Daddy is gets her a job she didn’t even want (apparently) while I’ve been busting my ass looking for work. Y’know… having a supervisor that gets it and gets upset is nice. Both she and her boss have actually authorized me for over time while working the law library… which is nice. Means my Wife’s money worries might get a little dealt with. Part of me thinks “Dude… build a nest egg… just spend all your time at the law library and applying for work so if you still have nothing in six months; you can move back to Des Moines and have enough saved to make Wife’s worries minuscule to the point of meaningless.”

The rest of the day was… good. I might even say downright pleasant. I took a short nap after work while wife worked out (she had today off). Then, we went on a date! I specifically told her on her days off, we need to start intentionally having fun… so I gave her a list of eateries and activities and she picked. We went to Burger King for the Black Whopper thing because she was interested in it. She ended up only eating half of it because while we were in line, she noticed the Oreo Red Velvet Shake… ordered it… and absolutely inhaled it. She loved it… afterwards she was like… “I ate too much, and in the wrong order. But I would so do it again!” lol. After that we went to Half Priced books to sell some DVDs and Books that Wife didn’t want around anymore. Since we’re still stuck in this place, she’s trying to consolidate stuff. I get it, but I remind her not to sell anything she really doesn’t WANT to sell because we can always box it up and save it for when we get a bigger space. Funny thing, though? We got enough money from what we sold back to pay for the movie we were going to see tonight! We saw Pixels. Far more funny than either of us expected and Wife said on the way out of the theater that “Oh, that was funny. My head hurts from laughing so hard!”

Now she’s watching X-Files on Netflix and I’m feeling like today was actually a pretty good day.

So… that’s good. I was able to get both of us distracted from ourselves for the day… we had a little fun… spent a little time together. Honestly… if this is a sample of what could be for us if we ever get things figured out properly.... I can live with that.

stargazing October 09, 2015

I'm glad you guys went out on a date and had fun! And now I'm wanting to drive down to BK to get that red velvet shake. Oi!

Always Laughing October 10, 2015

Glad you had fun

Waiting For Sunrise October 11, 2015

It can be hard to remember to go out and look for a good time, rather than waiting for it to arrive on your doorstep. I'm glad you were proactive, and that your wife responded so well. Awesome :)

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