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I don't wanna live forever, 'cause I know I'll be living in vain And I don't wanna fit wherever I just wanna keep calling your name until you come back home

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[5:39 pm] So I won’t be able to get that house I wanted. It’s $200,000 dollars. My mom keeps pressuring me to get a house, but why? It’s just me and my cat. I can be like the guy from the Dirty J...

[4:10 pm] My friends think I’m crazy for being a hypochondriac. I read about a friend and her STD crap and freaked myself out. I don’t judge, but when it comes to stuff like that, it’s best to te...

[1:53 pm] I’m starting to think people think my friend and I are dating. Some of them want me to go for it, but I’m not one to fall in love. Nothing after Sarah. I even tried talking to her yeste...

[6:01 pm] 6/29/08 Alyssa’s sister sent me a text saying to call her sister. I called and she didn’t sound too good. The stupid dork took four Tylenol pills with a vitamin pill and got sick. She...

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