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4 days ago

I'll give up in 2021

[8:17 pm] How many times am I going to erase this? I’ve had such a bad time keeping up with this place. Between my writer’s block and trying not to sound like an idiot; I’m not sure which way to ...

[2:06 pm] Let’s talk about pooping. Are people pooping at work? Do girls poop at work? I can honestly say that I have never seen or heard of a girl at work having to poop. The guys, that’s a whol...

[12:53 am] Today was a mess. I forgot to take my medicine, and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to or anything. I just woke up late. I don’t even know why I thought I had time at 6:45 in the morni...

April 21, 2021

Shipwreck [photos] in 2021

[7:50 pm] I got a few notes on my last entry. Maybe this is my midlife crisis? If it is, it’s been like this my whole life. For once I’d like to just meet someone that’s attracted to me, and I to...

April 21, 2021

Disappointment and regrets in 2021

[2:33 pm] That’s from a Death Cab For Cutie song. The “Title & Registration” demo to be exact. I like it better than the one we got on CD. A few things have happened and I honestly don’t know...

March 17, 2021

Part time friends in 2021

[8:59 am] Yesterday was a bad day. I had to come in at 1:30 pm and then it got changed back to 7:30 am and by then, I had taken a crap ton of PM cold medicine. I don’t think it’s Covid again sinc...

February 09, 2021

In high tide and cold water in 2021

[5:24 am] I saw that a girl from work removed me from her Facebook. We weren’t really friends and I thought she was pretty, pretty and scary as all sorority girls are. It shouldn’t bother me but ...

January 27, 2021

Will you leave me too in 2021

[4:38 pm] It’s Wednesday. Winds day if you know what that means, or where it comes from. I’m laying on my living room floor. I felt like crap. I’m tired. I saw that I got a few views on an Instag...

January 19, 2021

Stupid worthless boy in 2021

[6:44 pm] I called in again. I woke up at 6 am feeling like crap. A bad cough, stuffy nose and a lot of drainage. Is it the vid?! My head hurts and I can still taste. I did have to use the bathro...

[9:37 pm] “You say you wanna start something new.” Am I the only one that had that some pop up in their mind? Sometimes people at work will say something, like how a guy said, “I work from 9 to 5...

[11:30 pm] Sometimes I’ll star these and cry halfway through. You don’t know that you’re crying until you’ve vision begins to fade. What’s starts off as warm sensation running down your face, tur...

January 15, 2021

All your love in 2021

[7:41 pm] Where do I start? A lot has happened and I don’t even know where to begin. I left off when my friend had a crush on me. That’s the only logical conclusion I could come up with. Maybe I ...

April 20, 2020

Friends Only in Friends Only

I’m going friends only. If you’ve read this and kept up with me and I don’t know about you, leave a note explaining why I should let you in. From here in everything is friends only.

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