Labor day volunteer shift (pics) in 2023 is almost over

  • Sept. 5, 2023, 6:21 a.m.
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11:30 pm

I volunteered at the pet resource center today. Monday is when I go in for my two hour shift. I’d do more but right now I’m a little unsure of where I will be. I haven’t talked about my position at Walmart and when I did, I erased it. Helping theses cats, helps me as well.

Today was labor day and we were the only place open. A few cats got adopted; Christina, and this little grey tabby and a kitten. What was supposed to be a two hour shift turned into a three hour shift. Good company, coffee, and snack cakes; why leave?

There were only three kittens and about 7 adult cats. I can never make up my mind when it comes to writing out numbers. Is it 3 or three? Is it seven or 7? Both I guess.

Lots and lots of dirty treasure. These are all caps from my snaps. I don’t know where to upload them and still show them without having to pay.

alt text

This little grey got adopted. She sat on this girls lap for 30 minutes and didn’t let her study. So I said cats pick their owners and she said if that’s the case then a lot of cats and dogs picked her as their owner and, she didn’t need anymore. She adopted her. Another cat was being adopted as I was heading out.

alt text

This is a big ol’ ham. He’s been here the second longest. An older couple came in and asked who’s been here the longest. Christina has him best by a month since she was returned. Christina will bite but that’s because she gets over stimulated and older cats are kind of set in their ways. Some only know how yo say stop when they bite. His name is Vegas. Very beautiful boy.

alt text

And now for the sad part. Christina got adopted. I picked her up and held her. Another volunteer saw and said that I’m a cat whisperer because she doesn’t let anyone hold her. So when they came to get she ran off and I picked her up and gave her a kiss on the head and placed her in her to go cat box. I FUCKING cried in my car at the end of my shift. Fuck… My eyes are getting watery again. It’s so nice and so sad to see them go. On one hand, you want them to stay so you’ll see them, but at the same time you want them to find a good home. God damn it!! I just love cats.

alt text

This little one ran away from everyone. We must have had 15 people in that cat room and they all wanted to pet this cat. I just sat close to it and slowly put my hand out and let it sniff me. Next thing you know I’m holding it and petting it. The other volunteer said that I have to be a cat whisperer because of how good I am with cats. I keep saying it, I LOVE cats. Everyone loved it’s little sleeve.

alt text

This little black one has been here for two weeks. It was asleep some 15 feet in the air on some wall ledge. Everyone else kept saying hey there’s a cat way up there. I look up and see this baby just sleeping.

alt text

This little ham is Sydney. She kept trying to get to my iced coffee and cookie sandwich. I spent more time lifting my drink and cookie high up in the air and laughing. It’s like a cat café. You can hang out with the cats, bring your dog, and get some iced coffee and vegan cakes.

alt text

Now for a funny story. This big ham is Ezz-May. I think that’s how you say it. Well she was picking on the smaller ham named Margaret. I brought Margaret out so she could interact with people and get adopted. She’s been there a while and she’s so sweet. As soon as she sees anyone she claws them and pulls herself up into your arms. My shirt now has holes in it but I’m okay with it. I have two of them. So I held her in my lap and she got off a few minutes later and started walking around when Ezz came and started chasing her around. Ezz even took her paw to some girl who got in between them.

Margaret bit me when I tried to get her out of the corner. Not intentionally. She thought I was Ezz. So I took Margaret and placed her in the hole leading to the back room where they eat and Ezz ran in there! You could hear them going at it so Marco (another volunteer that’s a cat whisperer) and I went back there and split them apart.

That’s when Ezz knocked Margaret off the counter in her little hut house thing and landed in a litter box. I was so close to taking a snap and decided that I needed both of my hands in case I need to pick up Margaret.

Marco let the staff know that Ezz attacked one of the girls and she BIT the staff member!! OH MY GOD!

I told her that this is not a good look for her.

She got placed in isolation for being a spicy kitty.

You had to be there. It was hilarious.

Her is Ezz-May. She’s a very sweet girl but today she woke up and chose violence.

Man I can stop laughing at how she knocked Margaret off this counter in her little cat house. Ezz is a BIG cat, but look at how cute she is. Cats will be cats.

alt text

This is Margaret. I want to take her home. She’s so sweet!! As soon as she seed you, she wants all your attention. She’ll reach out and grab you with her claws and as soon as she’s pulled herself into your arms, she goes calm and just curls up in your chest. She didn’t draw blood when she got me as I picked her up to get her away from Ezz. Poor baby.

Look at her eyes!! She likes to sleep on the food container. So as soon as you walk in, she’s there; ready to get into your arms.

alt text

OH and my volunteer fit. I also got a permanent name tag now. When I first started it got taken down. The first time I was there I had to clean out poop cages. From the dogs. So I guess they thought I’d never be back but it’s a dirty job and someone has to do it. It heals my soul like you can’t imagine. After all the crap going on at work, this where I’m the happiest.

alt text

As I was about to head out the volunteer lady that said Marco and I are cat whisperers asked if I could take a look at this spicy cat. When I’d open up her cage she’d start to breathe super fast. When I closed it, she’d start to breathe normally. She not this volunteer pretty badly a few days ago and drew blood. Like a lot from the bite marks I saw. So I stuck my hand in and placed it on her bed. She smelled me and then started rolling over and rubbing up against me. Then she gave me those love bites cats do when they get over stimulated. Then the blinks came and the lady said I am definitely a cat whisperer. I just love cats.

So I asked Marco to come look at her since he’s a cat whisperer and she did the same to him. No love bites. I must taste good or they smell my cats on my hands?

She wants to work with me since I am apparently a cat whisperer. I’m there every Monday so she’ll come with me so I can handle the spicy cats and run aways.

She said that Marco and I have very calming vibes.

And yet internally I’m falling apart.

I’m just happy when I with the cats.

I also got asked if I had anyone. You know I’ve tried to move on from the sunflower girl, but it’s hard. I loved her like no other and girls that like cats are hard to find. Correction, girls that like cats that like me, are hard to find.

Oh and a song I discovered today. It was perfect. Also the song I cried to when I sat in my car. I will miss Christina so much.

Last updated September 05, 2023

Desert Rose September 06, 2023

all beautiful kitties. it's hard to see some of them go just think they are finding their forever home.

Dirty Numb Angelboy Desert Rose ⋅ September 06, 2023

It's very hard but I am happy that that they find homes. Some come back for stupid reasons, but it's better than being dumped on the streets.

FragileGlass September 14, 2023

Awwww! So beautiful! You are so good for the cats and they are so good for you! 😎🤗

Dirty Numb Angelboy FragileGlass ⋅ September 14, 2023

I uploaded all of my clips from Monday to my Instagram. I still need to make an entry but work has me so stressed out. I can't even write.

FragileGlass Dirty Numb Angelboy ⋅ September 15, 2023

I’m sorry you are going through so much

Dirty Numb Angelboy FragileGlass ⋅ September 15, 2023

Thank you. My other boss told me that they have a spot for me on this other team, but it's stocking. Which is what I do and I suck at it. But I'm told it's easier. So we shall see. I just stock the robot machine and type it in. So if it's like that, then it will be easy since I did that at Belks.

FragileGlass Dirty Numb Angelboy ⋅ September 16, 2023

I hope it is better. 😎

A stronger woman September 17, 2023

My daughter would love this as she loves cats

Dirty Numb Angelboy A stronger woman ⋅ September 17, 2023

It's so much fun and heals the soul. I go back tomorrow for my volunteer shift. One of the cats I wrote about (Christina) got returned again.

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