Time flies but you don't know that it's passing (a work related entry) in 2023 is almost over

  • Sept. 16, 2023, 5:28 p.m.
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3:51 pm

For the last 8 months I had a team lead picking on me. At first it was over stupid shit, like taking a long break. Everyone else did but, since they all smoked weed with him before he became our team lead, they had dirt on him. So they stated and thus why never gave them shit.

That went on for 8 months. I brought it up and for a while, things were alright. I showed up, did my job the best I could, and all the overtime they allowed.

It got worse and I brought it up.

Things changed when he tried hooking up with this little 18 year old that kept talking to me. We met when I started over some bananas and I had her laughing with how I hate stocking but we show up because we need the money.

One day I’m stocking and she comes over and starts talking to me as I’m piecing my department back together. He sees and pulls me away, stating that he was pulling me out of a bad situation. Bad situation? My friend telling me that she didn’t get promoted and how her abusive boyfriend actually let go outside? I didn’t know that constituted as a bad situation.

He wrote me.

But WAIT!! It gets BETTER. This is just a summed up version so I don’t end up with a fucking library.

When I came back from my two days off he calls me into the office and writes me up for job performance. His reason being that I’d get more work done if I didn’t talk to the girls on cap 1. SHE TALKS TO ME!! I don’t go out of my way to talk to her.

That set me off. I know I’m not good at stocking, but I always work. Not that me working means anything when I’m constantly struggling. Well a few days later my other boss that stepped down stopped me to play a joke on me. I spoke two things to him and guess who sees me talking to him? If you guessed the prick that wrote me up, you would be correct.

I walked back and told my old boss that I can’t talk to him because I got in trouble. Right as I told him, the prick catches me and says this is why he wrote me up and to see him in the office. Everyone that has dirt on him has told him to fuck off and told me to do it. Since he wrote me up already, I can no longer move up. Once you get a coaching, you have to wait a year to move up into a management position. Thanks ass hole!

Since I’m no longer in line to move up, I told him to fuck off. Several times. It turned into me yelling and leaving. If I’m as unproductive as he says I am, they won’t mine me excusing myself. So I left.

I shouldn’t have said that since the store lead wanted to fire me and I got my hours cut. I asked for them to be cut just to avoid him or else. I only got to work with him one day out of the week and it was when his boss was there.

That wad two months ago and even since that went down, I have hated my job. I stopped talking to everyone, and I was told by other coworkers (from my shift and other shifts) that people were talking about me. I cut them off.

I put in a transfer and got it. I’m still working overnights, but I am no longer working under that ass hole.

My management team said that I’m good at my job, but I struggled. I told them that there’s a difference in being good at your job and TRYING to be GOOD at your job. I’m the second and I’m done trying.

Tonight is my last night with my team. I will miss a few coworkers and my management team. All of them except that ass hole.

And after all of that, that girl that kept talking to me; we are no longer friends. On my side. We haven’t spoken since I gave her my snapchat two months ago when I wanted to quit. I told her that I’d give it to her in case I quit. As friends. Nothing more. She must have forgot and took it as me trying to hook up with her. How do you forget when I just told you the other day?

She eventually started talking to me and I only spoke to her because she’d grab my arm as I walked by and ask me how am I doing…


I’d tell her that I’m fine and continue walking.

She still does it from time to time but, friends like that I do not need.

Eventually I asked her what her deal was. Why did you stop talking to me after I gave you my snap? You acted like I liked you when I was just being your friend. I never liked you like that. I was just your friend.

Are you ready? She gave me the best excuse on the planet.

She was busy.........



I saw her talking to everyone else but me.

She, I considered her my best friend and to get dumped like that over some stupid petty misunderstanding? No thanks, I don’t need those type of friends in my life. I’m too busy helping cats and dogs deal with people and their shit.


Of course I am.

So I got my transfer and hopefully I won’t run into her so she can’t grab my arm and ask me if I’m okay. I’m not rude or anything. If spoken to, I’ll say something but it’s short and quick.

I won’t see my team and if I do it will just be in passing by. I’ll work two hours earlier and leave two hours earlier.

I will miss a few friends that did reach out to me when I closed myself off two months ago.

Wednesday I officially start my new position.

And the best part is not having to work under that ass hole. A few days ago when Zendaya grabbed my arm to ask me if I’m okay, she said that he’s been getting on her for talking to the other guys on my shift. He wants to fuck her and I told her that maybe she’s his new target.

It’s a new start for me. A new boss, a new team, a new beginning. And did I mention that it’s the online grocery side of it? Just like what I did at Belks. So something I’m good at.

This turned into a novel…

Well, I just have to make it through tonight.

This new shift sounds nice. I can sleep in and stay up. When you wake up at 6 pm and go to bed at 5 am, you know you’re living the life. That’s when I get up!! Sleep all day, up all night. Once I get used to this new schedule I’ll be able to hit the gym before work and after work. I haven’t gone at all this week no thanks to all the anxiety of trying to get out of stocking. Hell, I didn’t even get to post the photos from my 9/11 volunteer day. I did make a story chapter on Instagram.

Kristi1971 September 19, 2023

I'm glad you have a way to continue working but not for that jerk.

Dirty Numb Angelboy Kristi1971 ⋅ September 20, 2023

Tonight is my first night on the new shift. I'm told it's super easy.

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