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Journaling since 1974. I'm an artist, book lady, and quilter living at the beach with a car guy. We wait out the pandemic in our little condo above the beach. Having been homeless in the 70's, the car guy and I truly appreciate where we are today. All entries are copyrighted under the author's legal name under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported. © Copyright 1974-2021.

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December 24, 2021

HOLIDAY JOY in Postcards 4

And a wonderful Holiday to you and yours. I’ll be back after Christmas with pictures of joy. I hope you all have had a glorious day. Himself: Making a pie and brownies for the firemen. Mysel...

December 23, 2021

HAPPY HOLIDAYS in Postcards 4

December 22, 2021

MENDING in Postcards 4

It’s a beautiful sunny, cold day. Winter is upon us, and soon a pair of storms will come rolling through. I’ll putter around here for the rest of the week feeling heroic as I put the Christmas...

December 21, 2021


I remember once, or twice, in my twenties longing to own new furniture. Now I am 80 and living with a house filled with other people’s furniture. As an example, my mattress is new, but the bed...

December 20, 2021

WELCOME in Postcards 4

list text here In this house it seems strange to have so few visitors. In the big house, it would take me a week to put the ornaments on the tree. Later, we would have a Christmas party of tw...

December 19, 2021

COUNTDOWN in Postcards 4

() Bobbie and Geoff…what a pair. An aging rock star living with an upcoming artist. Geoff came back from Paris looking old and shrunken but acting open. Bobbie looked and acted just like herse...

December 18, 2021

A VISIT in Postcards 4

It’s a lovely day. Bobbie and Geoff were a little late so I was able to stay in my warm bed with a book until the last minute. Yes, it was glorious to be silly. I’ve been giving myself permis...

December 17, 2021

DUCKS' TREE in Postcards 4

No E book available for “The Only Way To Cross” darn it. No power most of the day too. George got two tiny fillings and a crown this morning, and he had fun getting the car out. Our old de...

December 16, 2021

FRIENDS in Postcards 4

Pat was best friends with Captain Poolie. Talking with Pat today, all she can talk about is Poolie. Poolie died four years ago. Yes, she made everything more; she was that kind of lady. But ...

December 15, 2021

AN EXPERIMENT in Postcards 4

I’ve not been happy with the size of my pictures here. A little smaller would make me a happy blogger. We will see how this works. 400 PX TOO SMALL. 800 JUST RIGHT IF YOU WANT BIG ! LOPSID...

December 14, 2021

COUNTDOWN in Postcards 4

I’m slow today. I got all of me done, but slowly. Meds taken, drops in eyes, legs on, clothing on, and even a bit of book read too by 1030. Normally I am in here by nine. That was George’s ...

December 13, 2021

A RED YEAR in Postcards 4

Right in the middle of dinner prep, the microwave died. The latch on the handle that is. It did give us 24 years of good service. Old indeed. It could be repaired, but the new microwaves hav...

December 12, 2021

HAPPENINGS in Postcards 4

We watched CBS Sunday Morning like we usually do. Holding hands, taking our medications…silly us. I’m tucked in under the covers. He is not. Now we are both here in the computer room, dresse...

December 11, 2021

CLEAN in Postcards 4

A package has arrived from Oregon. What a treat. There’s a battered old cardboard Jeep/box waiting next to it also. Harbingers of an upcoming Christmas. Good cheer everywhere….Bobbie calls....

December 10, 2021

RIDING ALONG in Postcards 4

That’s me. I’m riding along these days. He’s afraid my weakened right leg might cause an accident; I selfishly want a trip in my truck. He can’t drive the truck safely yet as his hand isn...

December 09, 2021

HOME in Postcards 4

Again, George at the top of his form. What you ask? Since we moved in here, we have always had blue lights all around our home. We are on the end of the building, and G would attach layers of...

December 07, 2021

PEARL HARBOR DAY in Postcards 4

The Anesthesiologist used less anesthesia than the previous surgery….by more than half. I was awake and bored and out of there at light speed. George kindly took me there and waited for me out...

December 06, 2021

WRINKLED in Postcards 4

Here’s a 2015 blue tree. Yes, I got the red tree done but not photographed yet. Pillowcases changed, slipcover on but looks massively wrinkled. Oh well, life is wrinkled. Himself: Make bre...

December 05, 2021

CHRISTMAS PAST in Postcards 4

The Christmas Kitty is with us again. Duck’s tree is up. Today we will get down one of our fake trees and begin to turn it red. Himself: Lost everything in his space game and had to build...

December 02, 2021

DECOR TIME in Postcards 4

We found the white slipcover for that chair in the very last place we looked. Of course. In the attic space above my closet, there it was. There is all the Christmas stuff too. So it’s going...

December 01, 2021

....AND THESE THINGS TOO in Postcards 4

WORLD AIDS DAY: Yes, it is “WORLD AIDS DAY.” Please don’t forget. I almost did. It’s a pandemic that no longer kills but is still with us. The HIV virus mutates even more rapidly than the C...

November 30, 2021


Now don’t laugh at me. Today is the day I find the deeply hidden slipcover for the plaid chair. For years, the plaid chair has lived upstairs in the bedroom. When I added my sewing tables to...

November 28, 2021

COSTUME DAY in Postcards 4

list text here They posed for a moment before heading off to volunteer this last day at the Comic Con Special. This year’s Comic Con was held without flash or ad’s. They were still selling ti...

November 26, 2021

THANKSGIVING 2021 in Postcards 4

It was perfect. Margot, the eldest daughter, brought the whole meal here and fixed it perfectly. We got a few marvelous leftovers, and Margot went back home for the night. It was a wonderful ...

November 24, 2021

A MEMORY in Postcards 4

There are only a few Thanksgiving pictures in my collection to prove I’ve celebrated the holiday. Here’s one with an unsliced turkey. This is also the year that I dropped the salt cellar into ...

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