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"Do not mistake my kindness for weakness, for it is far easier to Hate you than it is to Love you."

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April 16, 2021

Need in Random Public Stuffs

I NEED to cut.... …no I don’t. YES, I NEED TO……you’ve been doing so well.... I’m so sorry.... Just breathe....minute to minute. Hour to hour. You can do this Georgie.... … .. . No. I can’...

February 22, 2021

Public Update in Random Public Stuffs

We buried my mom on Wednesday the 17th. It was cold…it snowed. I couldn’t make it up the hill, so I sat in the car and smoked a couple cigarettes. I haven’t really lost my shit yet. I’ve cried a...

February 15, 2021

My Mom Is Gone in Random Public Stuffs

I had to make that decision today. I got the call at 1915 ish. There were so many alarms going. They were doing CPR and trying to get her intubated. I cried and told her that I love her and tha...

What do you think about most? My severely shortened freedom. What does your latest text message from someone else say? “Night.” What do you wear to bed? Cami top, boy shorts. Ever had a poem or ...

November 30, 2020

30 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

30: What did you think of this year’s NoJoMo? I think it was up and down. There were some interesting prompts, but there were also some that were…hastily used? There were also some that were very...

November 29, 2020

29 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

29: Have you learned anything from the people you read that you’ve applied in your own life? Definitely. As I read the other entries, I realize that some people have a lot on their plate and I’m ...

November 28, 2020

28 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

28: What is your idea of luxury? MY idea? I grew up on a reservation. Our education was in the bottom 2% of the nation at one time. Our healthcare was almost non-existent. People treated us terr...

November 27, 2020

27 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

27: Have you ever experienced deja vu or any other occurrence that cannot be scientifically explained? Well, this is an interesting prompt to really think about. It’s easy to dismiss this from an...

November 26, 2020

26 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

26: Did you learn a new skill/hobby or brush up on something during quarantine? Actually, I did! I learned how to do some minor wire-wrapping. I learned how to make stone cages for gemstones…but ...

November 25, 2020

25 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

25: What was the funniest moment you’ve had this year? There are so many funny moments, but I’m amused quite easily. There are so many people that COMPLAIN about anything and EVERYTHING, while t...

November 24, 2020

24 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

24: What do you think life will be like in 10 years? Honestly? With the way we’re going, I think it’s the downfall of the US “empire”. I remember talking to various friends from different countri...

November 23, 2020

23 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

23: Write whatever you want. I’m tired, weary down to the bone, shaken down to my very soul. The holidays aren’t helping. There is so much stress with trying to do something with the family. I’m ...

November 22, 2020

22 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

22: Finish this sentence: “My day was off to a spectacular start until…” I work in a movie theater. We are only at 40% operating capacity. So, we have a ton of “Karens” that tend to throw a fit w...

November 21, 2020

21 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

21: Which would you explore: space or the ocean? First of all, when I saw this prompt, I started laughing really hard. Once upon a party night, after a LOT of tequila, we somehow got onto the top...

November 20, 2020

20 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

20: You have a single Post-It Note and you get to go back to a year ago today. What would you write on that Post-It to yourself? Depends on the size of Post-It. I would definitely tell myself to ...

November 19, 2020

19 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

19: Which of the four would you be: Photographer, Painter, Writer, or Architect? Photographer! No contest, no hesitation, and definitely amazing. I was always the one taking pictures of my night...

November 18, 2020

18 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

18: What age do you remember your first, “I wanna be a [job here] when I grow up”? I grew up on a reservation in the Midwest. For those who don’t know, that is the poorest of the poor. We used to...

November 17, 2020

17 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

17: What is one place someone HAS to visit if they come to your town/city? I live in Sioux City, IA. One of the best places to go is Palmer Candy. I love going to this place. They have some amaz...

November 16, 2020

16 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

16: What is your earliest memory of a major/world event? Chernobyl and the Challenger space shuttle incident. Growing up on the reservation, we didn’t have much in the way of “world education”. ...

November 15, 2020

15 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

15: At what age do you remember learning about mortality? I read this before and I had to really think about it. I remember I was REALLY young. There is a picture of me in a pull-up and a Gerber...

November 14, 2020

14 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

14: Build your ideal town. I’ve occasionally thought about this. There are so many damn things wrong in this world, I have started to wish there was a way I could just have a place with all my lo...

November 13, 2020

13 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

13: You are in an escape room. What three people (anyone) would you have with you? I would take my best friends! Jess, Kit, and Kay. Between all four of us, we got this. Jess is quiet, so she’d ...

November 12, 2020

12 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

12: What is the most memorable adventure you’ve experienced so far? It’s easy to go back to the story about NYE 2003, but I’m thinking about the time I almost died in Arkansas. I “met” someone on...

November 11, 2020

11 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

11: You’re the villain in a movie. What kind of villain would you be? I’d be a professional villain. People would contact me, ask me to be the bad guy, then pay me to “lose the battle” and leave....

November 10, 2020

10 NJM 2020 (NSFW) in MoMoMo

WARNING!! This will piss someone off, but it’s my favorite movie, and I’m an asshole. 10: Write about your favorite movie, without the title, and how it applies to your life. This movie was so c...

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