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29: Have you learned anything from the people you read that you’ve applied in your own life?


As I read the other entries, I realize that some people have a lot on their plate and I’m not alone in that. Logically, I KNOW that I’m not, but when I look around at my peers and people living near me, I feel like I’m all alone in my life choices. Maybe it a cultural thing, but after working in nursing homes, I feel like people are so selfish. I swore up and down that I would NEVER put my parents in a home. But now, I can understand WHY that is even a thought. However, I remember how those people would never get family visits unless it was Thanksgiving, Christmas, and/or Easter.

I have read someone who complains about everything, and has no creativity. It’s constant bitching. It’s a toddler demanding to be amused and have their hand held.

I’ve read someone who is fighting for their life.

I’ve read about new jobs, new directions in lives.

It’s these things that make me wonder how I come off to people? Granted, their view of me is not up to me, but do I complain about everything? Do I appreciate my life as much as I should? Do I see all the positivity I have?

I admire many people I’ve read, and I try to apply that to my life. Even those who are absolutely negative have something to teach me.

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