A HUGE Thank You in Random Public Stuffs

  • Nov. 13, 2021, 2:04 p.m.
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I was so moved by the amount of people who helped me and my son. Some people said, “I’m sorry, it’s only $5.”

Do you know you can get a package of spaghetti for less than $5? Bread is $2 here. Milk is like, $4. The meat is what is most expensive, with 10 lbs being $32.

Growing up super poor has taught me to make large meals (like a full pot of spaghetti) to last for a few meals. Then cereal for breakfast. PB n J. Simple stuff.

But I finally qualified for state aid. That’ll help with the groceries while I’m trying to finish my mom’s estate work and get the house paid off. Only $16,500-ish to go.

I am forever grateful.

I’m the eldest of three and both my siblings were my parents’ favorite. Losing our parents took a hard toll on my siblings. I didn’t really get a chance to grieve while taking care of my mom.

I feel bad that I feel relieved. In the end days, my mom was in so much pain. I hated feeling so helpless. I hated asking for help.

Unfortunately, I acquired quite the ego and pride growing up; I was taught that I needed to always be strong and push through. I was taking cans and bottles in for gas money, and I was so exhausted all the time.

I have to get back to therapy. We got so short-staffed at work. I was pulling anywhere from 6 to 10 days in a row, then get ONE day off, and do it again.

I was burnt out, and I told my boss that I desperately needed a break after sitting in the bathroom at work, bawling my eyes out because I couldn’t lift the bucket to dump the mop water. I don’t cry often, especially in public, and DEFINITELY not at work.

My Dad always used to say there is no end to saying “thank you” and he would say to try to not go through names because someone would be accidentally forgotten.

So to those who helped me out: THANK YOU.

And may your own blessings multiply.

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