Hate This: I need help... in Random Public Stuffs

  • Nov. 3, 2021, 1:38 a.m.
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I’ve NEVER asked for help. But DHS is behind on the EBT train. I used my last check to get groceries and I fell short on gas for work. I’ve been good so far but shit happened and now I’m short and freaking out. I get paid on the 11th and if you can throw $5 into my PayPal that would help me get to work.

I live on a reservation that is 20 miles one-way to work. I’m usually good a budgeting but this cause me off guard.

I’m really embarrassed cause I’ve never asked for help.

So if you can.

I’ve deleted this two times but my son told ms that I shouldn’t be ashamed because I’m working.

Fuck I’m gonna go cry.

PayPal is: gcearth80@gmail.com

Again. Just gas money til I get paid next week.

Fuck, this is embarrassing .

A Pedestrian Wandering November 03, 2021

We all need help from time to time. Hang in there.

DevilishlyInnocent A Pedestrian Wandering ⋅ November 04, 2021

Thank you.

Small Town Girl November 05, 2021

Wish i could. Just dumped all my money into vet bills.

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