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  • Feb. 9, 2022, 2:08 p.m.
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I’ve been a member of OD and PB for quite some time. Actually, I think some of my readers and I “met” when my eldest was a baby! She’s 21 now.

My eldest son is headed for Basic on March 2nd. I’ve been feeling some sort of way about that. I’ve been to many send-offs in the past for other family members. I suppose the cliche is, “Its different when it’s your child.”

Jon has been working pretty hard to take care of the dogs. He has a job that he goes to 5 days a week, and he is even looking at getting promoted to a shift leader. He was ashamed at first to admit he worked at McDonald’s, but I told hi. A lot of people started there....I did. And he’s working. That is an amazing thing in itself. He is providing for his dogs and now helping with the bills. He is getting to school on time....I’m so proud of him.

Today is day two of puking. It’s nice out and the pain hasn’t been too bad. I feel horrible when I stand up. Light-headed, and my stomach flip-flops.

I feel exhausted. But I’m trying to rest but I get annoyed when I see I have things I have to do. Its annoying.

The Thirsty Oriental February 09, 2022

Hope you feel better soon!

Small Town Girl February 13, 2022

IDK about your area, but McDoanlds here is paying $16.50 an hours. I think you have to be 18 actually, but still. Nothing wrong with a job that pays. Look at him being all responsible with those puppers! CUTE!

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