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September 30, 2019

Our Healthcare Is Horrible

Living on the rez, everything is poor. People think, “Free healthcare and education, you’re lucky!” You get what you pay for. The damn council took over management of our hospital and fucked it ...

August 08, 2019

Tarot is CRAZY!!

(From an email I receive, courtesy of Lotus Tarot.) You Will Be Traveling at the Speed of Light Knight of Wands Hi! There goes the Knight of Wands. He took off fast! What drives him? Passion? Inn...

July 07, 2019


I finally hit a point where I’m tired of people and their bullshit. People claim to value honesty. Truth is, they only “value honesty” when they’re “dishing it out”, and it comes out as murky a...

June 25, 2019


How do you define public sex? What are your feelings about it? Let me know!

May 23, 2019

Lost My Phone

So, I’ll have to play catch-up with my pictures and such later. Fucking tequila, man. It was insane. But, good times. Anywho…that’s about it for now. Back to “Lucifer”. Love this series.

First I had Influenza A....think it was in February? That put me down for a week! Now I have a raging case of bronchitis! It kind of scared me a lil’ bit because my chest was hurting. It wasn’...

April 20, 2019


I was excited to find this while getting my stuff ready to move! Back in OD days, there was a “challenge” called “Mission 101”, where you wrote down 101 things to do within 1001 days. For every ...

April 04, 2019

39 and 16

It’s my son Loki’s and my birthday today! I work tonight then we head out for Denver. I’m excited!

So. I got THIS in my email: REST: Four of Swords. “The message in this card is very simple but very powerful. It should not be ignored or taken lightly. Rest, peace and quiet, and sanctuary are ...

March 24, 2019


(Note: Possible TMI and/or NSFW.) Am the only woman with large breasts that has boob sweat that smells like popcorn after working in concessions? I do ask this mildly-seriously, because we got SL...

Do you still talk to the person you had your first kiss with? LMAO No, but his mom works at my rez hospital as a diabetic staff member…has been for 30+ years…and she talks about it EVERY time I s...

March 02, 2019

Swiped 50Q Survey

I had some time to kill before resuming my role as the Domestic Goddess today. My Mama is on the relaxing side, so I figure I’ll take it easy as well. I’m just happy that I don’t have to shovel...

March 02, 2019

Let Me Down

1 2 I love them both.

February 28, 2019

Mental Health Has Gone Too Far

I am all about mental health care. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar I. I have had bouts of depression, and I have battles THROUGH PTSD. THROUGH. I’m done with that, I won that fight. People...

February 09, 2019

Girls...Stupid Girls...

Back to my fucked up self! Fuck Influenza A! Back to 98%!! Anywho. This will bring out some keyboard warriors, but whatever. I went to Fakebook war with a stupid female and her ass-licking f...

February 05, 2019

First Day Out

And I am only three beers in…and feeling a buzz. And the Superbowl hasn’t even started. Edit. I had way too much to drink. I wanted to kiss someone. But, I didn’t. I came home and cried. I mi...

January 01, 2019

In My PJs

This ia the first year in over a decade that I haven’t gone out. I had plans, but they were cancelled by the other person. So now, it’s eating me up a bit because I should’ve known better. I do...

December 18, 2018

Current Mood

December 08, 2018

Females Are Psycho

I am not sure why, but I thought of one of Drew’s ex-girlfriends. Her name was Tracy and holy fuckballs, was she beyond a stage-5 clinger. Much to many a typical female reaction, Tracy wasn’t ha...

November 24, 2018

Covers for "Rise"

Been digging these lately. Maybe its because they seem to be the same thought, just different moods.

November 15, 2018


Its 0119 as I begin this entry. “Hitman” is on the TV as I am going on day two of high-level pain. I try to keep my pain to myself as its a topic people throw around so easy. I understand that...

My uncle Matt died today. It’s currently 2330 hrs here. It’s a little past 12 hours since he was taken by a heart attack. I had to steady myself. I sobbed a bit when I found out. He was my “...

October 28, 2018

Pissing EVERYONE Off

I worked Mental Health. I am a Peer Support individual. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar I, PTSD, and other shit that I didn’t pay attention to, because I was NOT going to be defined by my d...

October 19, 2018

14 More Days

I am getting really excited for NoJoMo 2018! I have been checking out the prompts every other day, trying to think about the experiences I would share, what I would write about. I feel like I ha...

“…a whisper and a scream…“ I have been stuck on a couple songs lately. This one seems to be the current mood.

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