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  • Nov. 1, 2022, 12:55 p.m.
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Happy November! I usually set up a list on the NJM page. However, with medical procedures and work and some other things, I’m not able to plan for a long time away.

Therefore, I would not have be able to link all the entries. Not to mention they’ve all loved it when there is something else to write about.

I loved reading these entries. And I am sad that I am unable to host it this year. But, hopefully, I am able to next year.

But, onward to my first entry of NoJoMo 2022!!

So, I’ve decided to train for a triathlon that I will undertake when I’m 45 so I have a few years to train. I did only 10 min of lap swim and DIED. I spent all 10 min apologizing to my body, especially my lungs. My laps were averaging 2m 20s. I was STRUGGLING. And the beginner/baby triathlon in my area is 750m of swimming, 12mi biking, and a 5K to run! So, long way to go.

Also! My diet is rapidly changing. Any dietitians out there that can help? For example, I LOVE co-Jack cheese, but lately, I end up puking it up. Same with chicken. I’m allergic to eggs, so that takes out pastas and breads. I wasn’t horrible when I was younger. Just itchy and it didn’t do well with my digestive system. Now, anything eggs are in, i can smell it right away. And when Andrew cooks them for his meal? The smell alone makes me puke.

Meat-wise, all I can eat is beef and deli turkey. I’ve been craving rice, so I’ve been eating that. I’ve been craving beef a LOT to the point that I’m lucky Andrew works at Arby’s so he can bring home those sandwiches. Though I know the roast beef has a lot of salt. My food intake is so weird now. It may not sound weird, but to me, its radically changed. Ideas?

I’ve lost quite a bit of weight! Went from 344 to 319! But, we will see if its stays. I know my weight fluctuates and with me getting my diet in order, it’s all a jumbled mess right now. My clothes DO fit a bit bigger. I need to get a new swim suit. Mine is now showing off mah titties when I swim. But a swimsuit for my titties and (current) body shape is around $50 on Amazon. So, maybe next check. I might just have to use an old bra and some crappy shorts until then?

Unless someone wants to donate to my journey. LOL

I went and researched for programs that can help guide me. I found one where I “could be ready in six weeks”, which is a HELL NO, but it’s simple enough and helps me build by using brick workouts in the 3rd week. Brick workouts are when I’d bike, then immediately go swim after. Or bike then immediately jump on a treadmill. I did NOT know that!! But again, I’m starting really slow because ain’t no way I’d even make it past the swimming right now, let alone a whole race.

I do have a notebook to take notes and to “(try) to stay oriented, but there are days when my mind wants to go hard, but my body just isn’t having it. I at least do some aqua PT, since that is coming up again.

But, going back to the gym has been amazing for my mental health. But, that is another entry. Maybe tomorrow’s entry.


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Crystal November 01, 2022

I'm in awe of you doing a triathlon. I didn't know they did beginner/baby ones! I should look into that. I love swimming and bike riding, but with my knees am terrible at running. I have walked a 5K before though.

J.E. November 02, 2022

I got winded when I read the triathlon part lol

Rock on!

Small Town Girl November 02, 2022

I have recently become allergic to eggs as well....wtf.

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