NoJoMo 2022 in Random Public Stuffs

  • Oct. 30, 2022, 12:38 a.m.
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I usually do NoJoMo, but I can’t find the login info and with work and the approaching holidays, I wouldn’t have the time to post the entries. But, I hope you continue the tradition and write one entry a day for all of November.

I only had a couple of prompts as well.

1. What I want and what I need aren’t the same thing. An example is…

2. I want recognition for…

3. I wish people understood this about me…

4. Are you a spiritual person?

5. What are three aspects of your personality that you portray across the board?

6. What sets your ego off?

7. What is one hypocritical thing you do regularly?

8. Your craziest moment that people find hard to believe?

9. What would you really like answers to right now?

I’ve taken a few of those from a writing prompt journal and tossed in some topics I’ve been talking about with friends and co-workers.

Hope you guys can find your own inspiration as well!

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