3/1/24 in 2024

  • March 2, 2024, midnight
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Finally seeing Biff tomorrow. I’ve had presents for her since her birthday in May.
Hopefully just connected someone from elementary/hs and a college friend who work at the same university. I think they’d get along well.
I think I might stop burning candles every day; this is getting expensive! I want more pine candles-fav.
Cut my nails again last night and put nail strengthener on. Took my 2nd set of ColorStreet strips off and I’m giving my nails a break. Plus, life is easier with no nails.
Going to a live show for the podcast And That’s Why We Drink (ATWWD) at the end of this month; it’ll be my second time seeing them. Hopefully my new ID has arrived by then, because I’d like to drink, but if not…maybe I can get a cart from Magic Man and take a couple hits in the bathroom like I used to do at work to remain calm. Plus, my tolerance is WAY down since I quit smoking over a year ago. Life is more boring, but I don’t miss second-guessing myself or having it be even HARDER to move. I do miss semi making all the time I have now pass more easily. I’m going with my ex roommate who I got into the show and maybe I’ll run into my best friend’s work wife again.

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