4/7/24 in 2024

  • April 6, 2024, 11:28 p.m.
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12:19 AM:

Got high off of grinder and slide shavings…sigh. Told you I could never just stop. What sucks the most is that with any drug, the more your tolerance grows, the more of it you have to take to try and chase those initial feelings.
I need more succulent soil to finish repotting the huge aloe my ex roommate gave me.
Tomorrow afternoon I have my second psych appointment, then I’m spending the night at Mom’s for the eclipse Monday.
Saw Goddaughter and Best friend today and finally got to give Goddaughter her birthday presents she loved all of them and played with all of them immediately, except the crystal-growing kit, which is a HOME thing. I hope their dog likes her new toys too! Goddaughter named her RH doll “Remy” ♥ She was so exited about her blanket, she kept saying she wanted one for years. Bro, you’re barely 6…

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