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December 31, 2023


Last day of 2023, 123123, and I have NO PLANS. Also, if I was invited to anyone else’s plans, they would have just had to babysit me all night, so here I am watching more Love Island and making m...

December 28, 2023


I got a call this morning because I was on the wait list for PT for this week. Got an appointment for 3:30 tomorrow :) Mom sent me a pic of a dresser I liked for free, but idk if it was still av...

December 22, 2023


Closer to Christmas! I just cut my nails to make it easier to get sister’s ashes necklace back on; the only time I ever take it off is to dye my hair, to protect it. I’m glad there’s no snow for...

December 21, 2023


Ending the year on 12/31/23 :) Put together a table today and started a new puzzle! Almost got the frame done. Reblocked LK today finally. Doing laundry! Bought dark purple hair dye today, which ...

December 20, 2023


Happy 3 year death-iversary to my sister! Helped mom put a bed frame together and we made peanut butter balls. Made good progress in PT.

December 18, 2023


The 3rd anniversary of my sister’s death is coming right up on the 20th. I keep thinking she was 35, but she was 36. My PT must have canceled at the last minute, because I had a guy I’ve never se...

December 17, 2023


Just finished “Leave the World Behind”, which was apparently directed by the Obamas. The movie was really good, but had a very abrupt end. Tomorrow is another day of PT, my first since canceling ...

December 16, 2023


Former roommate and I exchanged gifts today and we loved each others’. One of my two gifts was a 4th reverse coloring book by the same author that I DON’T have. Spent most of today “coloring” it....

December 13, 2023


Mom and I made/decorate my favorite Christmas cookies today. We also went to see the lights in a park in SB and the house on the same road with decorations that sync to a radio station. We also w...

December 11, 2023


Scheduled my SSTA rides to PT and back 12/12 and 12/15. Woohoo. Let’s hope they go smoothly.

December 10, 2023


Just watched a movie with a weird ending…I understand what happened, but I have so many questions. I did the OT recommended “wake up sort of early” for like 3 days and I’m back to waking up when ...

December 08, 2023


I’m really sick of roommate 1. He broke the toilet seat and left it today. He’s gonna try to fix it again tomorrow. I really hope so, because I’d rather not fall in the toilet. Finished “wrapping...

December 04, 2023


So I have a step goal…and I haven’t even been trying because I don’t want to. I’m at war with myself because I want to be accommodating and follow directions, but my body really doesn’t want to…i...

December 03, 2023


How are we in the last month of this year? I was listening to Stephen King’s “Holly” earlier and it just STOPPED around chapter 6 and told me I was out of audio book listening minutes. I didn’t k...

November 30, 2023


12:30 am: I need to sleep for PT later this morning. 4:30 pm: Went with mom to Stowe and got a few things. Still listening to the audiobook and the over control of the mom is crazy…I can’t belie...

November 29, 2023


Listening to the audiobook of “I’m Glad My Mom Died”. Did well at PT, had some lunch, had an easy Pap, put up and decorated Mom’s tree, then had my shave done at Studio Fisk Aveda.

November 28, 2023


I have PT tomorrow and it’s been forever. I do none of my at-home exercises…I guess they’re good to know for the future? Scheduled an appointment with the geneticist at MGH 12/4 and called UVM Ne...

November 26, 2023


Watered all my plants today. Current count is 50something. Also reapplied my nail strengthener today. I’m in an in-between period where they’re not done and just healing any damage. I reminded m...

November 25, 2023


Thanksgiving was good. Chris & Sandra came and at with us, but we all had to wear masks because mom told him she still had sniffles, even though our COVID tests were negative. Christina didn’...

November 21, 2023


Had a sub for Monday PT this week and took my first SSTA ride. My leg muscles ache from the tiny squats she had me do. I have a feeling my PT may be pissed about it tomorrow since it pretty much ...

November 20, 2023


PT/OT tomorrow. Finished season 3 of Upload tonight.

November 18, 2023


New roommate 2 moved in today. He’s currently out grocery shopping, so he hasn’t settled in yet. Currently verifying my profiles because it’s locked. Alll set. I also might’ve ordered Dominos aga...

November 17, 2023


PT today, Walked faster on the treadmill and wearing the harness without the walker. Got a couple candles from Dollar Tree and 3 pairs of Christmas socks. Got a 2nd Christmas present for old room...

November 15, 2023


OT is down to just once a week, PT is still twice a week, and I’m gonna try to schedule Speech Therapy starting on the days I no longer have OT. Apparently I’m making progress! I got 2 wishlist p...

November 14, 2023


Just put my monstera back in soil in the new pot I got…that’s going to be too small too soon. Good old dirt fingers. I thought I could use my bouncy ball for therapy, but I need to bring it tomor...

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