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Learning more about acupuncture and the way it can help with various things. I know it can help with hunger but I’m not sure yet as far as weight loss and improving my eyesight. Can’t hurt to try...

3 days ago

Secrets to Die For in 2017

I’m reading the book Secrets to Die For by L. J. Sellers, and it’s not only a great murder mystery, but it’s a reminder that what some people think is a matter of opinion is really a matter of si...

4 days ago

New Facebook Group in 2017

Hey, any of you Proseboxers interested in photos of nature, animals and things like that? Then feel free to check out my new group on Facebook! It’s a public group that anyone can join. You don’t...

4 days ago

Nancy Disgrace in 2017

I’m in a lazy mood right now. Not tired, but not exactly energetic either. As I said I would, I circled around the block and found the same three cars at the house that’s still for sale, includin...

5 days ago

Scar Away in 2017

I wrote this about 5 hours ago. Glad to say the Scar Away scar gel is working after all! It’s slowly fading the scarred skin to match the healthy skin. I guess these things just take time. It som...

5 days ago

Fear Based? in 2017

Is all hate fear based? I know a lot of people think it is, and I believe that some of it truly is. People are often scared of what they don’t understand or agree with. Things they might not have...

7 days ago

Partial Fasting Diet in 2017

When the new Miss USA was asked if she thought health insurance was a right or a privilege, she answered with the latter. Actually, both those answers are wrong. It’s a necessity. Tom forgot to s...

May 15, 2017

Poopouri in 2017

When I asked him the other day if he thought I could be losing hearing in my good ear like I at least think I might be, he said, “I told you you’ve been losing hearing ever since we met.” LOL, we...

May 15, 2017

Sewer Golf in 2017

Sometimes I get so damn hungry I just want to eat everything in sight. I could really go for some pizza, even if bread products should be avoided in training. Tom and I got a lot done over the we...

May 13, 2017

Are You a Psychopath? in 2017

So I was sitting here thinking of my longtime followers and I wonder… What has kept you coming around this long? I’m both honored and surprised to have so many readers, especially those that have...

May 12, 2017

Port Elizabeth, Africa in 2017

I rarely type anymore having been spoiled by speech to text. But my Mac’s microphone, which is plugged into a 32” TV that I use as a monitor, is a few feet away from where I sit. It still does a ...

May 12, 2017

Lost Keys in 2017

I usually blog toward the beginning of my day, but it’s been a rather busy day. Let’s see… where shall I begin? I guess I’ll begin with Tom losing the keys. It was just a small key ring with the ...

I’m sure we all know what your name is… so, tell us what your boss’ name is: Same name as mine. :-) I’m my own boss. Do you actually read your friend’s surveys, or do you just copy paste them...

May 11, 2017

Stolen from Just C in Surveys

What were you doing at 11 last night? Sleeping Do you think you and your best friend will be friends in 10 years? I don’t have anyone I consider a best friend at the moment. What could you eat an...

May 11, 2017

LA is coming to NorCal in 2017

Getting a surprising amount of readers lately. Hmm… interesting. :) Los Angeles is coming to Sacramento! As I think I mentioned before, we have a very large bedroom in which we added a divider to...

May 10, 2017

Tiles, Utensils & Alexa in 2017

Two more months and we’ll have lived here for four years. It’s both quieter and not since we moved in. Next door has been quieter. It’s not the neighbors that are noisy, it’s the traffic and land...

May 09, 2017

The World is a Sad Place in 2017

I started to join the panic by going FO when the shit went down with that person being hacked, but then I realized that even if I were hacked, there’s no sensitive info in which to use against me...

May 08, 2017

Goodwill Dolls in 2017

Going to get cleaning in here as soon as there’s a little more sunlight. Went to Goodwill yesterday. Got a couple of dolls for about $6 total. Both are porcelain and both will be Cali dolls. I do...

May 07, 2017

Free Bananas in 2017

CRD worsens with age. I could keep a schedule for longer periods in my 20s, but once I hit my 30s there was no stopping it from jumping an hour or two a day. So on top of that, plus being a light...

May 06, 2017

An Endoless Year in 2017

It’s been a whole year since I saw that stern, old, but highly intelligent and helpful Doctor O… yay! I remember when Doc C sent me my first referral online and how I said to myself, “What the he...

May 03, 2017

Lost in Cyberspace in 2017

Got a third e-mail from Sirius asking me to confirm. I exchanged emails with them again yesterday and they said they’re investigating it. Tom and I think they’re just incompetent or someone signe...

May 01, 2017

Stolen from Octopussy in Surveys

Had this survey saved in my drafts section and forgot to do it till now. Sexual Orientation? Bisexual What I’m really bad at. Math Celebrity I’d fuck. None Description of my self-esteem. Good eno...

May 01, 2017

SiriusXM 🎼 in 2017

Some asshole used one of my email addresses to sign-up for SiriusXM in which I got two emails asking me to confirm, but I let Sirius know that it wasn’t me. Why would anyone want to sign-up for a...

April 30, 2017

Stolen from *nik* in Surveys

What bill do you hate paying the most? House and space rent. Where was the last place you had dinner? At my computer. What do you really want to be doing right now? Answering this question....

It’s so nice to take a day off every now and then and just nap, relax, and not do much of anything, especially when I’m tired. My head still feels a little funny like when you have a cold and I’m...

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