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I did not have a good yesterday at work. I committed to napping after my shift which is nothing extraordinary about my day but I woke up irritable. I could hear Toni in her room rolling her joint...

My detox crisis was over quickly, I feel perfect today. I think that I might try and go for a run today. I have been slacking on that because of the smoke outside over the summer. The air is too ...

My heart feels a little heavy today. I spent the evening with my sister and her children yesterday and I can’t help but think about the targets that my niece and nephew have on their backs. It’s ...

September 12, 2021

Sun Day in Current Events

I didn’t start my day off on a good note. I woke up and my memory replayed a clip from an interview with my country’s leader, Trudeau. The trust fund baby psychopath is straight up saying that he...

September 11, 2021

Saturn Day in Current Events

I was triggered first thing when I woke up. I prep my coffee the day before and I make enough for Toni but she was up before I was today and she drank it all. It’s so inconsiderate. Like, what go...

September 11, 2021

Weird Dream in Current Events

I had an intense dream last night. It felt so real. The ground was shaking, there was violent thunder and lightning. People were running and taking shelter because it felt like the end of the wor...

September 09, 2021

Blah-Day in Current Events

A deep rest, that is what i am calling my depression. I feel a little worn down which is perfectly okay. I am out of things that can radically distract me so I have no choice but to rumble with m...

September 05, 2021

Slight rant. in Current Events

Yesterday I had one of the most cringe moments with Toni to date. I made a lasagna for supper, while I was making it she asked me when it was going to be ready. From her chest she pushed out the ...

September 03, 2021

Dread in Current Events

It was a rough week at work and I carried the stress over into my evenings. We didn’t have time for our regular tasks because of massive projects that took the entire week. I was paired up with a...

August 29, 2021

Creeps in Current Events

Waiting for Toni to just fuck off and go to work on Sunday’s is hard. It’s the only day I can be away from everyone and everything. I don’t want to have to be mindful of someone else 24/7. She ne...

August 25, 2021

Gail Swallows in Current Events

My camping trip was quaint. We didn’t do a whole lot because Leanne is still recovering a bit from her knee surgery. It was nice to see Angelina and Carly as well. They were so prepared and very ...

August 16, 2021

Bible Study in Current Events

My Facebook account was suspended. It felt like a relief. I ditched social media for two years a while ago and I only returned to connect with people during the lockdowns. Then I was using it to ...

My mood poisoning from yesterday carried on into today, it would seem. I can’t shake the image of what I saw when I got home last night. I spent the majority of my day helping my mother get my gr...

August 13, 2021

In the End in Current Events

On top of the positive things happening in my little life, my grandmother gets released from the hospital on Monday or Tuesday. I’m helping my mother get her new apartment ready this weekend. I w...

August 12, 2021

Upish in Current Events

Things with Toni have been really great since our talk. I feel like I have my friend back. She’s even been cooking for me and made my lunch once. We have been chatting like we used to, I’m very h...

August 08, 2021

Medically Religious in Current Events

Toni and I stayed up late drinking and just shooting the shit last night. We are going to hang out by the pool when she gets back from work later. Restrictions are pretty lifted so we don’t have ...

August 07, 2021

Saturn Day in Current Events

I had my talk with Toni. It went well enough. Naturally, she was lost for about half of it. I put together a list of the expenses and our agreement, at her behest, and she has no memory of reques...

July 27, 2021

The Score in Current Events

I just got back from a little walk. I had to vent to Bev on the phone. Toni came at me out of nowhere about the hydro bill (electrical bill). I moved it to an open spot so I could clean the table...

July 25, 2021

Sun Day in Current Events

When I got home from work on Friday Toni was in rough shape. She had a panic attack so severe that it caused her to spend the entire day throwing up. She was crying uncontrollably all day long an...

July 20, 2021

Dual in Current Events

I woke up in a decent mood again today. I was more engaging and interactive with people at work I noticed. I felt light, not so heavy-hearted. The existential dread did not bubble up and ruin my ...

July 18, 2021

Tom Petty in Current Events

Yesterday I was just fuming when I was at the markets. It hit me that Toni accused me of being a freeloader. She has no memory of ever telling what to take out of rent, regarding what I send to h...

July 16, 2021

Meh in Current Events

I spoke with my grandmother yesterday, she sounded rough. She was in good spirits though, she was very tired. She’s just down to a lung infection now. After my shift today I am helping my mother ...

July 12, 2021

Derp in Current Events

I did not start my day off on the best note. I had a horrible dream about my mother. Watching her go through the motions with how things are with my grandmother made me appreciate her so much mor...

July 08, 2021

Up Down Funk in Current Events

My anxiety was high the last few days. Toni and I resolved things, more or less, but I can’t seem to let it go. The more I think about it the more it just bothers me. I was opening up to her abou...

July 05, 2021

Air in Current Events

Toni and I finally had our talk about our finances. She brought it up. She didn’t seem to recall having any previous conversations about it ever in which she would tell me “don’t worry about it I...

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