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13 hours ago

Updert in Current Events

I’m not too confident about how the job interview went. I’m overqualified for the position and the hiring manager made that into a concern. There were two times that she had to bring me back to t...

16 hours ago

Les Debate in Politics

Trump sold his merits this time. He let Joe speak and sound like an idiot. He didn’t let Joe shift the goal post. He called Joe out on his political acting moments. He called Joe out on saying on...

1 day ago

Hopeless in Current Events

Kyle got back to me, he and Evan do not have a way to create space for me. My mother officially said that she can’t help either. It’s Leanne’s birthday weekend so I’m not going to confirm her off...

1 day ago

Conspiracy Time in Politics

No more questions. Their knowledge is sufficient enough for everyone. There is no need to know what isn’t known. I get so flustered when I think about how egregious the media is when it comes to ...

2 days ago

Oceans Rise in Current Events

I have an interview for a Marshall’s this Friday. My interview skills are pretty good but I am a little rusty. I’ll be fine. It’s seasonal and part-time which could roll into full-time. Not that ...

4 days ago

Doubt in Current Events

Well, call me Caitlyn I’m triggered. Not literally but a friend shared a post that had an image of a man crying in his car. He took his life shortly after that image because he had no recourse fo...

4 days ago

Update in Current Events

Things are starting to feel real. I called the storage locker place and I go down tomorrow to reserve my unit. We’ll sort out the details from there. Then after that, I will plan how to get my bi...

4 days ago

SJW Derangement in Politics

I woke up to a full-on assault from a platoon of Social Justice Warriors today. My routine was not going my way and I ended up logging into my socials before my coffee hit. My mistake. In June I ...

5 days ago

Zombie in Current Events

I can’t get an image out of my head that I had in my dream last night. One part of my dream was lucid and that was when I came across my father. He passed away when I was eight and when I approac...

5 days ago

Derp in Current Events

The majority of the places that I have applied to over the last few weeks close tomorrow as part of the COVID response. No recourse for them this time I believe. My Prime Sinister is too busy fig...

I spent the afternoon with Kyle. We went out for lunch and then we overstayed our welcome. He’s so inquisitive, anyone who likes to hear themselves talk would like this guy. Not to say that I am ...

My Prime Sinister has a deep disdain for democracy and it is startling. The direction Trudeau is taking Canada terrifies me. For starters, he openly praises China’s dictatorship. Not China, their...

7 days ago

Kween in Politics

I can breathe. I have the house to myself for the day. I have a lot to sort out today and I don’t have to feel any dread while doing it. It’s the small things… I haven’t exercised in over a week....

October 16, 2020

Chains in Politics

I am getting frustrated about the lack of indictments and arrests regarding the Democrat party. William Bar what are you waiting for? When Amy Coney Barrett gets confirmed and Trump secures the S...

October 15, 2020

World Wide Web War in Current Events

It’s another fine day in 2020. It could all just be in my head but I am feeling some tension in this house. My sister suggested that we have a family meeting when Matt comes home. That didn’t hap...

October 14, 2020

Inner Monologue in Current Events

My brother-in-law comes home today. My sister suggested the other day that we should have a family meeting. She was feeling torn over the weekend and I wasn’t really in a time & space to help...

October 13, 2020

Humpty Dumpty in Current Events

The most important spiritual growth doesn’t happen when you’re meditating or on a yoga mat. It happens in the midst of conflict. When you’re frustrated, angry or scared and you’re doing the same ...

October 13, 2020

Aspirations in Current Events

What are my aspirations? I haven’t given that any thought as of late. I was just getting my footing when the C19 response pulled the rug. Toni and I were planning to move in together so we could ...

October 13, 2020

Health at Every Size in Politics

I like some of the messages from Health at Every Size. Such as forgetting about weight change as a goal and embracing the bodies we are in. Making good health choices to support the bodies we are...

October 12, 2020

Homelessness in Current Events

I stopped tracking all the places that I have applied to. I know that I’ve applied to multiple departments within certain places. Of course, that’s not what is weighing me down. I was reminded ye...

Bev cooked up a vegan thanksgiving yesterday. She hosted it at her boyfriend’s parent’s house because they have a dishwasher. The address was right across from where I grew up. I didn’t recognize...

October 11, 2020

Counter Culture in Politics

Conservatism is the new counter-culture. It is the new punk rock. The left has reigned long enough. It’s punk to wait until marriage to have children. To marry the father of your child. It’s punk...

October 11, 2020

Gnostic in Spiritual Journey

In Gnosticism, we are in the underworld. We are spiritually dead. We are imprisoned in matter, our eternal souls were coiled and trapped inside mortal flesh by a false God who enslaved us to our ...

October 10, 2020

The Situation in Current Events

What I thought was just a goal turned out to be a command. My mistake. My country, Canada, is in a record recession that is only getting worse, is in the middle of a pandemic that is only getting...

October 09, 2020

Rock Bottom Blues in Current Events

I’m made of lead in the mornings. I’m too heavy to move. Last night I had a panic attack only I didn’t have the panic. I’m absent fear when I have anxiety and panic attacks. I’ve lived with this ...

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