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1 day ago

Tiny Break in Current Events

It’s going to be a late night. I have a test tomorrow so I am cramming in as much study time as I can tonight. Class yesterday was a big review of the unit and I struggled in a few areas. If I di...

On my way home from picking up my car from the shop, the VJs on the radio were talking about the most looked-up term this year. Gaslighting. Gaslighting is one of the most utilized tools that a n...

2 days ago

Diatribe in Current Events

I can feel the tension between Toni and me, my roommate. I can tell that she feels my judgement. That is why she is hiding in her room, I suspect. She’s committed to being absolutely useless arou...

3 days ago

Expecting in Current Events

My sister gave me some good news on the weekend. She is pregnant with her first. All of my siblings will have children now. I’m so happy for her! She’s wanted this her whole life. My brother live...

4 days ago

Pity Party in Current Events

Well well well, I figured out why my roommate was hiding in her room all day avoiding life. She bin drinking, she bin drinking… watermelon. She’s an adult she can drink if she wants to. We recent...

Am I on Prosebox again because I am avoiding something that I need to do? Yes. I had Bev over yesterday for dinner and a movie. I made gnocchi soup and we watched Interview With a Vampire. I fi...

6 days ago

Structure in Current Events

I did not get the best sleep last night. I woke up to a coughing fit. It feels like something is stuck deep down in my throat. The fit didn’t last long and I was able to fall back asleep but I wo...

7 days ago

The Sequel in Current Events

The opportunity to apply for a full-time position on my team has come again. It was unexpected. It wasn’t supposed to be posted internally until next week but our HR posted it early. According to...

November 23, 2022

Low Road Here I Come in Current Events

I want to take the low road. I want to commit to being vindictive and spiteful over petty things. Those feelings are what I am wrestling with currently. Not a good use of my energy. Toni, my roo...

November 21, 2022

Triggered in Current Events

I spent most of my day in bed. What a waste. I finally filed my taxes for last year. I’m caught up. I had to call the Canada Revenue Agency because of my culsterfuck situation. I needed something...

November 21, 2022

Mood Poisoning in Current Events

The mood poisoning continues. I was kept up all night with a dry cough so I called in sick at work. I am trying to not think about the loss of pay because it just makes me more frustrated. Yester...

Oops… I’m doing it again. I’m going to bitch and moan in another PB entry. I’m a little more miserable than usual because I am frustrated with this cough. So far so good though. I am hoping that ...

November 19, 2022

Get Over It in Current Events

I woke up bitter and jaded. What else is new? I’m just over this cough. It’s not bad, I’m just over it. I went to work the last couple of days which didn’t help that situation but it did help my ...

November 15, 2022

Derp in Current Events

Bloody hell. I passed out and wasted my day and my opportunity to study. Not that it would have been productive. The function of brain = 0. I have a slight fever so it’s not my fault. It feels l...

November 15, 2022

Clinical Idiots in Current Events

I called in sick today. I have a slight cough and I don’t need the germ puritans making things weird. Toni, my roommate, it sounds like her body went into a detox also. That’s all the flu is. Our...

November 14, 2022

Bad Manifesting in Current Events

My weekend was long and full of terrors. My body went into detox over the weekend, the flu. On days 1 & 2 I had a headache, sore throat, a fever, and a neverending runny nose. Days 2 & 4 ...

November 06, 2022

Heavy in Current Events

My brother called me on Friday and I managed to convince him to go to rehab for his alcoholism. I stayed on the phone with him yesterday while he waited in the hospital to see if he could detox f...

November 04, 2022

Drab in Current Events

I got to enjoy an anxiety attack throughout my entire class yesterday evening. It did not have anything to do with the class. I had an intense day at work. I started some drama at work again. Th...

October 30, 2022

Unholy in Current Events

I barely made it to my optometrist appointment yesterday. Damn, my eye doctor had quite the makeover—Mohawk, piercings, and tattoos up to his throat. Neck tattoos are so sexy. He had a picture of...

October 29, 2022

Beautiful Nightmare in Current Events

Every night, the same dream, and every morning, the same nightmare. At this moment I feel like I can relate to Wanda Maximoff from the recent Dr. Strange movie. I just dreamt that I was tucking m...

October 26, 2022

Quiet Part Out Loud in Current Events

I managed to get myself a little flustered. I said the quiet part out loud. Well, I texted the quiet part out loud. I know that my procrastination is a response to fear. Fear boils down to contro...

October 25, 2022

Atrocious Day in Current Events

What an atrocious day. It was a rough start at work. The work wasn’t rough at all it was just my coworkers. I mentioned that my hand was breaking out into eczema and Kim decided to complain that ...

October 23, 2022

Back at it Again in Current Events

Oops, I did it again. I am procrastinating pretty hard. I had a week to study all the material I learned to prepare for our first test next week and I saved it all for today. I did everything exc...

October 21, 2022

Unbalanced in Current Events

Oops! I did it again. I spent how many entries complaining about how I need a break from being social? Class was cancelled yesterday, I was looking forward to having a lot of time to study before...

October 18, 2022

Caught In The Act in Current Events

I’m burned out and it caught up with me today. I left work early so I could spend the rest of the day in bed. It’s out of character but I had to admit defeat. My mind and body need rest. Last nig...

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