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  • Aug. 28, 2018, 2:46 p.m.
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Hey everyone,

You’ve probably noticed the site going up and down and being pretty slow over the past few weeks. I feel your pain, and I really appreciate you being patient. We’re trying! The push to docker last week caused some issues and the developer had to roll things back.

We’re regrouping right now and are planning on trying again later this week or early next, but before we do I’ve brought in another developer with deeper server experience to make sure we’re going about things in the right way. Measure twice, cut once. I’m also hoping this new developer can do a deeper dive into making things faster because oof it’s been bad lately.

They’re named MD and JM, by the way. We worked together about 8 years ago and were a sort of “dream team” at the company we were all working at, knocking out some really complex projects. It’s a real pleasure to be working with them again, and I’m happy PB has enabled our happy reunion.

In other news
I’ll be making a post in the next few weeks about a new surprise feature for PB I’ve been digging into this past month (remember my mystery call for surveys a while back?). I think you’ll all really love it, and I’m excited to work with the community on what it will ultimately look like. I’ve also got all of the usual feature requests on my radar, I promise, but I want to give the developers something really fun to work on after all of this dreary server work.

And who doesn’t love surprises?

downward dog


GypsyWynd August 28, 2018

Funny, the site's been fine for me. I appreciate all your hard work, and welcome to MD and JM! Smooches to Mochi from Nougat! ❤

Park Row Fallout August 28, 2018

Thank you for everything you're doing! We appreciate it immensely.

Pinkerton August 28, 2018

Love how transparent and open you are about everything. Thanks for all of your hard work?

josh Pinkerton ⋅ August 28, 2018

You're welcome?

Pinkerton josh ⋅ August 28, 2018

Ha! Wrong punctuation at the end of that sentence. It was meant with sincerity -- you rock!

NorthernSeeker August 28, 2018

I noticed it was slower and I thought that you were probably still working on a lot of things. Thanks for all the work.

J🌞DI August 28, 2018

I too, noticed it was slower but figured it was due to the upgrades. Thanks, though, for everything you're doing to make us faster, better, bigger, bionic! ;) ;)

girl in recession August 28, 2018


simple mind August 28, 2018

mochi.activate({ sharkMode: true });
Firebabe simple mind ⋅ August 29, 2018


Luna Leanne 🌈 August 28, 2018


thesunnyabyss August 28, 2018

thank you again, and thanks for the open communication, that is very much appreciated :)

Ginger August 28, 2018

Thank you for the update!

Chair August 28, 2018

Thanks for the update and all your hard work!

TrippyNina August 28, 2018

Much appreciated.

Dirty Numb Angelboy August 29, 2018

I haven't had any issues at all. Didn't even know there were issues.

Marg August 29, 2018

Thanks for keeping us in the loop and will look forward to the surprise!

Firebabe August 29, 2018

Oh thank god. I thought my company firewall was finally starting to notice that I'm on here waaaaaay too much during work, and was trying to outfox me when I was logging on. It got very War Games for a little while there, but I'm glad to hear that it wasn't on my end. LOL.

Jeanine August 29, 2018

Thank you all for keeping this train on its tracks. I LOVE THIS TRAIN SO MUCH.

Silverstar46 August 29, 2018

Sounds mysterious and fun!

Bullwinkle6 August 29, 2018

Keep on truckin! You'll get there.

Pickled Duck Lips August 29, 2018

Your hard work and dedication is appreciated.

Lis August 29, 2018


Tempestuous1 August 29, 2018

Such a cute pic!! Can't wait for the surprise!

my.halo.has.slipped August 30, 2018

I hadn’t even noticed any issues but thanks for the update!

Gilraent August 30, 2018

Just a tad slow for me, but I've been a bad proseboxer and haven't been writing or reading much.

Comfortably Numb August 30, 2018

Oh I hope hope hope that the ability to edit comments is on the list. I'm the Typo Queen.

Deleted user August 31, 2018


Mr. Mofo September 02, 2018

Is Mochi doing doggy yoga in that picture?!?

There used to be advertisements for Menards on here? Can you tell us wat happened to them please?

Take care, and please enjoy the Santa Monica pier for a midwesterner.

J🌞DI September 04, 2018

Any idea when the site's going to be back up to speed?

Camdengirl September 06, 2018

How’s it going? Been slllllooooooooooow for me on the site - and getting worse.

hot-lips Camdengirl ⋅ September 07, 2018

Me too, I thought it was just me and either my work/home internet connection. lol I've also had keyboard/typing lag when I'm writing on the site from my phone. Not sure if that's related, or just my phone?

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