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Oh y'know a little of this, a little of that. I am who I am, and I have reached the point in my life where I don't care what others think :)

"Big brother is watching you"

George Orwell 1984

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Not quite sure why this popped up on my recommended list on youtube. Oh, right. The CIA! Forgot about them! lol Anyhoo, here ya go.

16 hours ago

NJM 19 in NoJoMo 2019

Write about the event that you didn’t think would make you sad, but did. by DevilishlyInnocent I should have looked at this prompt this morning so I would have had time to think about it, or may...

1 day ago

NJM 18 in NoJoMo 2019

I am trying super hard to catch up with everyone that’s doing NJM. I’m sorry I’ve fallen so far behind! Write about your favorite holiday. Those of you that “know” me, know that my favorite holid...

3 days ago

NJM 17 in NoJoMo 2019

What is your definition of fun? hmmm this is a tough one. I find a lot of things fun, so instead of giving a literal definition of my idea of fun, I’m just going list things that I like. “Pict...

3 days ago

NJM 16 in NoJoMo 2019

What is the most hilarious event in your life? Well, I can’t say it was hilarious, but we really can’t help but laugh about it. Pam used to work 911 dispatch and I was night shift at the hospita...

4 days ago

NJM 15 in NoJoMo 2019

What’s your earliest memory? by Dark As Day, Bright As Night Well, I’m not sure which memory is earlier so I’ll write about them both. Now, I’m not sure if my sister Kim was still at home or if ...

4 days ago

NJM 14 in NoJoMo 2019

I AM FAILING SO BAD THIS YEAR!!!! I’M SO SORRY!!! We are approaching the year 2020. What did you think it would be like when you were young? by DevilishlyInnocent omg too many things going on and...

6 days ago

NJM 13 in NoJoMo 2019

What tweak to a common dish do you make? What do I not tweak when I’m cooking? No, I’m serious. If I’m cooking, I’ll add a ton of stuff to whatever it is I’m making. I read the recipe, and start...

7 days ago

NJM 12 in NoJoMo 2019

What do you consider to be “gross”? Okra. Okra is gross no matter how you cook it. Seriously, there isn’t much that grosses me out. I’ve pretty much seen everything over the years. MVA’s, GSW to...

7 days ago

NJM 11 *late* in NoJoMo 2019

Write a short story about the weirdest dream you’ve ever had. by DevilishlyInnocent There are several dreams that I’ve had that are very bizarre, so it’s hard to pick one. Right before 45 was “e...

November 10, 2019

NJM 10 in NoJoMo 2019

I’m sorry I haven’t caught up with all of you. I’m just beat. No brain. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up tomorrow Which deity would you have dinner with? I can’t brain, and I’m sorry that this ...

November 09, 2019

NJM 9 in NoJoMo 2019

Non-prompt. While I love watching Marvel comic movies n’ stuff, I’m not a super fan and know nothing about the backgrounds of the characters, so I’m not doing the prompt. I didn’t get a damn thi...

November 08, 2019

just a quick question in Every day scata

Guy fans of Duran Duran (@boysmakenoise on twitter) posted a rather interesting tweet. It was about who you are, using two songs, one album, and one band member to describe yourself. Obviously, ...

November 08, 2019

NJM 8 in NoJoMo 2019

If you could be any color, what would you be and why? by Dark As Day, Bright As Night I really love this question. I’m a visual person, and the coloring thing that I really should start doing aga...

November 07, 2019

NJM 7 in NoJoMo 2019

Prompt: Write about something you are proud to have accomplished. Ok. I’m going to have a problem with this prompt because I really don’t have good self esteem. Usually no self esteem at all. N...

November 06, 2019

NJM 6 in NoJoMo 2019

Non-prompt Before I start the entry for real, It’s that time of year for me to ask does anyone want a zmas card from me? if you do, leave your name and addy in a pm :) After Pam had bought the t...

November 05, 2019

NJM 5 in NoJoMo 2019

This is going to be a two-fer. No, wait, I’m going to hold off on the next Melissa Etheridge entry. So… The prompt: What is one event that changed a strongly-held previous opinion you had? I hav...

November 05, 2019

NJM 4 (I'm late!) in NoJoMo 2019

Non-prompt entry. My polar opposite people that I know I’m not exactly talking to at the moment due to politics. Sad, but true. So! You get to hear about our weekend away :) Saturday, after we ...

November 03, 2019

NJM 3 in NoJoMo 2019

The best day of your life: one that really happened or one that you wish for. by Muffin Princess The one that really happened is the day I met Pam face to face for the first time. I was so damn ...

November 02, 2019

NJM 2 in NoJoMo 2019

What’s your favorite true story to tell? by Dark As Day, Bright As Night Oh jeez. I have a lot of stories that I like to tell. I don’t think I can pick just one. Hmm Let’s pick how I got into Wit...

November 01, 2019

NJM 1 in NoJoMo 2019

Tell us about the best or worst person you know. by Dark As Day, Bright As Night That I know personally? It’s a hard toss up. Because Pam is the best person I know now, but then there’s my dad. ...

October 31, 2019

NJM 2019 Prompts in NoJoMo 2019

Tell us about the best or worst person you know. by Dark As Day, Bright As Night What’s your favorite true story to tell? by Dark As Day, Bright As Night The best day of your life: one that real...

October 20, 2019

I Appear Missing in Every day scata

Seriously, I do not have anything to write about. Nothing on my mind except that today was busy, and I hurt like hell. Some of my clients drive me absolutely batty. Two in particular. GH and Do...

October 19, 2019

NoJoMo? in Every day scata

Is anyone “running” NoJoMo this year?

September 20, 2019

Better Ghost in Every day scata

9/20/19 2:21 am That new med had me stumbling around like a drunk person trying to get to bed. Seriously, I felt drunk. Or.... Like a totally aware drunk, if that makes sense. I somehow managed...

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