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No matter what we do or don't do, we all leave this world with our hearts torn and tattered.

Yeah, I said that.

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I haven’t been doing well lately. I’m an introvert who hates the world so my life should be boomin right about now. I should be practically skipping down the street with a firearm in one hand, an...

Mr. Happy the most magical of all the magical penises here again, just typing away for your pleasure. I had a bunch of pictures of streets in Downtown Columbus that were empty, but I deleted them...

Is this just the obligatory Corona Virus entry??? . ...

I MIGHT make a new prosebox account. (For reasons) If so does anyone know how to LINK PB accounts? Everyone have a nice Survive the Rabid Flesh Eating Horde of Turkey Day!

November 18, 2019

A short entry. in Connection Point.

It has been at least two years, maybe more since I have fired my pistols. Last time I went to the gun range someone put the wrong cartridge(bullet) into their gun and when that happens the manage...

August 04, 2019

I Am Outta Here! in Connection Point.

That’s it, I’ve called the mothership. I’m getting off this weird ass planet and away from you bat-shit crazy humans before I get caught in the cross fire at the nearest street corner.

December 21, 2018

Santa VS Moses. in Connection Point.

October 06, 2018

A Question. in Connection Point.

Can anyone please tell me where I can learn how to post gifs and/or you tube vids in Prosebox? Thanks and take care.

April 29, 2018

Spoilers. in Connection Point.

Avengers Infinity War spoiler = Thanos is actually a very angry Rick from Pawn Stars. If I were to begin writing again, should I talk about the time a giant spider bit Santa clause and turned him...

Six zombies are surrounding and shambling toward little Suzy Sinclaire, and her box of puppies and kittens. Your gun has five bullets in it, and you may not shoot two or more zombies with a singl...

Shelly Duvall’s character in The Shining would have saved us all a lot of time and nightmares if she would have just brained Jack Nicholson’s character with a frying pan in the first five minutes...

January 13, 2018

Hide the shovel. in Connection Point.

Anyone who says that shoveling snow is not a work out has never shoveled snow.

Today, I was expecting the general manager to call me into her office and tell me that they were terminating my employment and I had to kick rocks. Well no such luck for me, nothing happened. No...

Yes people the rumors are true, I might get fired tomorrow from the job I’ve had for fifteen years…and the thought excites me so much that I’m touching myself right now…I mean RIGHT now…Ladies, l...

December 31, 2016

2017 in Connection Point.

If you think 2016 was rough, I hear 2017 plans on sucker punching us, dragging us into an alley, and beating us to death with a tire iron.

5-5-14 / 12:01 AM "This website is not available" is spray painted across every piece of the concrete barrier which contains the old Open Diary site. Without warning there is a l...

January 27, 2014

Find each other in Connection Point.

Find each other.

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