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March 19, 2024

Cat getting neutered in Just Life

In the memory of Cinder’s fertility. Tomorrow he is getting neutered. No surprise baby mamas for him! Sorry not sorry kitty!

Gomez was engaged to be married on Ophelia Frump but was allergic to her flowers.morticia is Ophelia’s little sister. Morticia cuts flowers because she knows Gomez isn’t allergic to the stems. S...

My husband Talan anytime he sees I am trying to do something selfless he starts arguing with me and making me miserable. I wanted to grow a large garden to give food away and sell some items to a...

March 13, 2024

My cats watch anime in Just Life

I walk into my living room at 6 am this morning to discover Harley,Ziggy and Coal sitting on the couch watching anime. When I was done cleaning their litter boxes I let the TV stay on so they can...

My car blew a tire so I am sitting at C Adam Tony waiting for them to open. Eventually I will make it to work.

March 11, 2024

Fail comparison in Just Life

I often feel like a failure.. I really need to quit comparing myself to others.

March 10, 2024

Strange in Just Life

What’s up with so many commercials being sent to comments? Is there something wrong?

I learned how to build a water barrel on Pinterest and YouTube. I wanted to build it by myself but my husband decided he wanted me to teach him how to do it. I gave him step by step instructions ...

Between my fibromyalgia and my PMS I feel horrible. I tend to internalize my pain a lot. I worked through my shift quietly. I wanted to scream and cry but I know I can only take my muscle relaxer...

Since my TIA stroke I have been very tired. I been in a lot of pain and I have been hard on myself that I haven’t been doing well I expect out of myself. Today I water,fed moms dogs, took the dog...

There is a girl years ago who tried to ruin my relationship . I was sitting in my car a woman was standing outside my car staring at me. I didn’t think anything about it I haven’t seen her in ove...

Idk why I am dreaming of a zombie survivor situation. I am trying to grow a garden,protect my friends and family but they are playing Pokemon go! I will break your phone and use you as fertilizer...

My husband has lost 10 pounds in a month thanks to Inshape WV. I have faith he can do this.. I can’t wait to see him healthier. He has been trying the Paleo diet to the best of his ability but ch...

February 28, 2024

Cat drama and jealousy in Just Life

Last night took Turtle to the vet to get shots. Cinder cried to my mom that his mom went out with us without him. Cinder cried and mom had to pet the jealous cat to calm him down. Cinder is used ...

Yesterday after work I took my mom’s cat Turtle to the vet. She got her shots and we were talking about getting her fixed so she can no longer have any more surprises. After my mom had her schizo...

February 26, 2024

I didn't like my birthday in Just Life

For my birthday I wanted to go throw axes at targets like I have for the past 2 years. My husband talked to his friends they decided to go bowling and eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. Peer pressure mad...

February 24, 2024

Happy early birthday to me! in Just Life

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am trying to figure out the fun I can get myself into.. any advice?

February 19, 2024

Drunk hubby no sleep.. in Just Life

Maybe my drunk husband will quit falling out of the chair and stumbling around to let me sleep..I hope. Night y’all..

February 18, 2024

Survived TIA stroke in Just Life

I had a minor transient ischemic attack I was in the hospital for 4 days. My face was twisted up for 2. I have problems with memory but I appears to be doing well. I have been really exhausted an...

February 14, 2024

Going home,removed own IV in Just Life

Get me out of here! I got so impatient I took off my own heart monitor and removed my own IV.. come on hubby I want to go home..

February 12, 2024

Hospital still in Just Life

I got an ultrasound on my heart today. My husband and I watched it beat. It was fascinating. I have had an MRI,CT scan. Still in hospital. They are still trying figure it all out.. just thought s...

February 11, 2024

Had a stroke in hospital in Just Life

My phone is dying so I will make this quick I had an ischemic stroke. I am currently in the hospital getting care. Just wanted to say love y’all. I am getting treatment and hopefully they can tel...

While my husband Talan tries to go fishing I have been training my flame point Siamese Cinder how to walk on a leash. Several of the fisherman said they had no idea you can teach a cat to walk on...

February 05, 2024

Paying to live? in Just Life

. I realize humans are the only species who is paying to live on this planet..what is wrong with us?

I was in the hospital yesterday for high blood pressure and chest pain. They checked if I was having a heart attack instead they decided my blood pressure medication was to low and readjusted my ...

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