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How tf did we end up here? We were the best of friends. We reconnected after high school. I was pregnant with P, you were pregnant with T. We bonded over our pregnancy woes. From there, our f...

2 hours ago

My Minions in Motherhood

M is my oldest, he’s sensitive and shy with his affection, P is my second born, he’s wise beyond his years, J, my baby girl who is fearless, and the baby F, he’s developing quite the personality....

2 days ago

How in To Whom It May Concern

Can you love someone who doesn’t outwardly show you the love that you deserve. You’re the most affectionate and loving person I know. He gives you none of what you need, yet you still stay. We...

D!ck… even if it’s good d!ck, does NOT fix everything. Once upon a time d!ck had a decent say so. I’ve grown beyond that. I want to talk things out. Getting a good session in, doesn’t solve wh...

2 days ago


As I’m in the drop off line at my daughter’s school. I pulled out my mini laptop and somehow decided this is a decent spot to just sit and process. My SO (significant other), I’ll refer to him ...

7 days ago

Frustration in With Mister

Mister.. He likes to downplay health issues to keep panic/emotions neutral across the board (family, friends, myself). Which is understandable to a degree. He’s been in the hospital for the las...

August 19, 2022

Wwyd? in With Mister

My SO and I have been together for awhile now. We’ve talked multiple times about the progressive stages of moving forward. Marriage will happen eventually. One night he asked me, “What do I get ...

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