• Sept. 22, 2022, 9:12 p.m.
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As I’m in the drop off line at my daughter’s school. I pulled out my mini laptop and somehow decided this is a decent spot to just sit and process.

My SO (significant other), I’ll refer to him moving forward as Mister, has been out of the hospital for all of 48 hours. The Mister that was admitted it not the same Mister they discharged and sent home. Mister’s news was not the greatest, I understand that he has yet to really process his emotions… but how does that make me the punching bag for all of the negativity? It has only been two days and I feel like giving up the last 2+ years we’ve been together. Mister has never spoken to me the way he has the last two days. He has shown nothing but aggression, he has been yelling at me for damn near anything that’s not going his way and generally being an ass.

Being an ass is his once in a while thing. Not a 24/7 way of life. I want to be there for him throughout this long journey that he’s about to embark on. I don’t want to leave him and have him thinking that I left because he isn’t healthy. I’m here for him regardless of what life throws our way.

Is Mister going through the stages of grief?

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