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January 04, 2018

4ST in Hey, buddy, got a light?

I’m alive, but this keyboard is …it is not pleasant for me to type on. Fuck windows update, IT WAS 2 IN THE MORNING, SO I JUST TURNED OFF THE POWER BRUH I AINT STAYING AWAKE FOR THAT SHIT Anyway,...

December 11, 2017

11rd in Hey, buddy, got a light?

Jake’s gone. He left yesterday and I didn’t even know, completely forgot he started on the 11th. He didn’t say good bye. Mom said it’s because he was getting choked up enough saying good bye to t...

December 04, 2017

4st in Hey, buddy, got a light?

My brother got a dispatch job in Santa Barbara, and he starts in a week. He’s going to be renting a room from some lady down there. I wont have anyone to bother! No one for this older brother to ...

November 21, 2017

21th in Hey, buddy, got a light?

Have a super thanksgiving, and shit. I can’t forget the ‘and shit’ part. Sorry I am not my usual talkative jovial self. No, really, like, you know, I know we’re not CLOSE close, but like, I mean,...

October 30, 2017

30nd in Hey, buddy, got a light?

You know what I say every sunday now? I go “Thanks, Jed.” Because, apparently, Jed York, the spoiled ass mama’s boy owner of the 49ers, hates the fans and likes destroying the franchise. Anyway, ...

October 12, 2017

12nd in Hey, buddy, got a light?

Man, there was some fuckin CHINA-TIER air here yesterday. It doesn’t look bad out right now, but yesterday afternoon, it was like literal smog. It’s funny, with all the environmental regulations...

September 27, 2017

27st in Hey, buddy, got a light?

Please get rid of jed york, please god make it stop. Other than that, I am just dandy and fine, fine & dandy, you might say. Haha, ok I lied, but atleast I’m still alive. Be good, Elliot. Tha...

September 13, 2017

13nd in Hey, buddy, got a light?

Went thrift shopping with my mom and grandma recently. I used to always get dragged along as a youngster. “You can pick out whatevvvver you want.” But I never did, because the toy selection at mo...

September 04, 2017

4st in Hey, buddy, got a light?

It should not be this hot for September. You ever driven with someone under the guise of them just going to receive oral sex but end up waiting in their car for an hour while they get tweeked out...

August 10, 2017

10st in Hey, buddy, got a light?

Ah fudge, it’s almost here. Hm? What’s almost where now? THE THING. Ooh, the thing from that movie about the thing? WHERE IT’S A THING? NO, FUCKDAMNIT, THE THING, THE THING! THE FUCKING DAY THING...

July 20, 2017

20nd in Hey, buddy, got a light?

George had her kidlet on the 15th. So, my nephews name is Alfred. He looks more like us than like the father. You know, tan, dark hair. I thought he looked like a Vince or something, haha, but my...

July 03, 2017

3st in Hey, buddy, got a light?

Ta-da, I’m alive. K, bye, I’ll be back to say the same thing in another few weeks, month, I dunno. Have a safe and sane 4th of july, because I get paid to endorse wholesome, family friendly activ...

June 01, 2017

1th in Hey, buddy, got a light?

You know what you can do when you’re a grown man? You can have cranberry juice & vodka with your chef boyardee ravioli’s. What now, world? Alright, I stayed up to write this, I’m going to bed...

May 21, 2017

21nd in Hey, buddy, got a light?

It’s starting to get hot again. That’s all the “weather” we get out here: hot, not as hot, and hot as fuck. May is almost over, and that means August draws Nearer; it’s closer to gettin...

May 09, 2017

9nd in Hey, buddy, got a light?

I cried the other day when again I realized my mom wont be around forever. Same thing with grandma, she’s turning 81 this year. The only women who’ve ever loved me, wont always be around. Haha, I...

May 03, 2017

3th in Hey, buddy, got a light?

So. I recently made it a point to have a talk or two with my nig and tell him his sons behavior and development is concerning. “That ain’t normal 4yr old shit, dude. That’s like, adhd, or worse. ...

May 01, 2017

1nd in Hey, buddy, got a light?

I always had to go ‘shopping’ when I was little. Did I get to go home after I got picked up from school? NO. Nope, it was time to go pick up grandma and go thrift shopping. AND I DIDN’T EVEN GET ...

April 19, 2017

19rd in Hey, buddy, got a light?

My friend’s brothers birthday was yesterday. I have other friends aside from Jarrod, excuse you very much. He just turned 21. OH, to reminisce; but let’s not. I guess. It was a welcomed chance to...

April 06, 2017

6st in Hey, buddy, got a light?

Los Banos is killing people, or something, it’s literally cancerous. Aunt Valerie got took in November; don’t know why I didn’t mention that, maybe I did, I don’t know. Uncle Andy got took on tue...

March 26, 2017

26st in Hey, buddy, got a light?

Man, kids are annoying. Was I that bad as a kid? Yes, I mean fuck, I remember once we got dragged to Mervyn’s and we gave ourselves a nosebleed shaking our head side to side I remember that, too,...

March 14, 2017

14st in Hey, buddy, got a light?

I sure do hate the seasonal weather changes here in california. It’s about close to 80 outside and I’m indoors alternating between chills and sweating. Thanks for the recessive genes and allergie...

February 28, 2017

28nd in Hey, buddy, got a light?

Man, I had something in mind I wanted to write about, too. I kind of remember it, it was something about my old job at wally world. You member that? Tomorrow is ash wednesday, so to all you good ...

February 14, 2017

14rd in Hey, buddy, got a light?

Happy balentimes day Can’t wait for all candy to go on sale after today I’m alive, how are you?

January 30, 2017

30rd in Hey, buddy, got a light?

When I was a youngster and I was being raised on television; that was a good time for tv. The late 1980’s, it was time for sitcoms! Family friendly ones! No more Ponch & John or Starsky &...

January 26, 2017

25st in Hey, buddy, got a light?

Remember when you had a pet or a relative die and you got told they went on a vacation or to that big farm out in the country? I got that a few times as a young buck, didn’t realize what really h...

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