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Happily married. Huge animal/women/disabled/earth/LGBTQ+ supporter. Working f/t self-employed. 100% Atheist. Loves teddy bears, horror/psycho books and films, Monster drink, PG Tips tea. Hates any sort of coffee including in food, discrimination/cruelty to animals/females/disabled. Weird sense of humour! I'm on Twitter @OhCobblers2That and Instagram and Threads @stickybear5660

Thomas Bailey Aldrich - Flower and Thorn 1882.

Rachel Lynch. D.M Mark and S.J Parris.

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7 hours ago

It's... in WEEEE!

Absolutely PIDDLING down here and I love it! It’s 11 C and windy too!

1 day ago

Bird Song! in YES YES YES!

In bed this morning listening to the birdie’s singing and it sounded like one said ‘’is he in?’‘ And the second one replied ‘’Urm Urm Maybe!’‘ I love their little voices!

4 days ago

It's 2:05 pm in WEEEE!

Here at work. It’s a long and slow and boring day, weather is 12.8 C. I’m getting painful leg cramps and freezing cold because of menopause so have eaten a bit of Colmans Mustard to ease the cram...

1-No matter how many times I’ve tried it over the years I just can’t cut pizza! Whether the pizza base is hard or soft I can’t cut them with a knife of any sort and I can’t use actual pizza cutte...

5 days ago

It's 12.2 C. in WEEEE!

And it’s going to absolutely PIDDLE down here at any moment! It was last night and I’ve got one of those thick ‘’swimmy’‘ headaches so I know for sure we’ll be having loads more rain! I LOVE rai...

A few minutes ago I was hanging around outside our shop, there was no customers in and I was stood there with a mug of Cup-a-Soup. The pavements and roads outside are very narrow and lumpy and di...

Lady was our local professional doggy groomer, she’s a really nice lady and her grooming is top class, we’ve never seen a doggy coming out unhappy or looking like a totally different breed as we’...

VERY rare for me! I’d had another rough night with menopause, or as I call it, pesterpause! Up and down in the night needing the loo and drinks, utterly knackered! I’d again got up about 5:20am...

We have 3 coldwater fish, Nosher, Jaws and Fangs. Fangs is small and pink, Nosher is like a shark and Jaws is quite big, black and orange. Little Fangs is quiet and polite and usually holds back ...

We had a gorgeous storm over here last night! Loads of thunder lightening and rain! I loved it! Thankfully our little cat isn’t bothered by it. She was snoring on the livingroom windowsill and i...

I don’t know where I was but it was at night time. Someone told me my flat had been broken into by ”The Intruder” as he was known as he had a reputation for breaking into blocks. I ran home and h...

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/GNST4O1XcAAMLsb?format=jpg&name=small https://pbs.twimg.com/media/GNSUgO0XkAAwiR4?format=jpg&name=4096x4096 Sixty tins of untamed to keep our little cat well s...

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/GNST4O1XcAAMLsb?format=jpg&name=small https://pbs.twimg.com/media/GNSUgO0XkAAwiR4?format=jpg&name=4096x4096 Sixty tins of untamed to keep our little cat well s...

I’m exceptionally tired, lacking energy, unable to keep my eyes open and can’t concentrate on anything here at work! I’m guzzling a can of Monster Ultra trying to prop my eyes open!

It’s 2:23pm and I’ve just come back from the ceremony. Regarding the new Mayor etc. etc. We all had lovely filling dinners, puds, soft drinks and tea. Lots of laughs and standing ovations and so ...

My hubby is a town councillor and they have meetings every month in person and some on Zoom etc. and once a year they have a big parade where various councillor’s have to walk around the town i...

About 6:50am I moved my right leg in bed and screamed the place down as cramp grabbed my calf! I shot out of bed at speed but accidentally woke my hubby and our cat, who was by our feet on the du...

Caveman, 1981 with Ringo Starr. Hubby and I watched it last night and absolutely howled with laughter! Watch the end with the Actors Credits, they even name the dinosaurs! It was one of the fu...

May 05, 2024

Got Ya, Ya Bastard! in WEEEE!

The tooth that feels like a huge boulder in my mouth but in reality is only a little thing has finally come out after wobbling for a few days!

We had a lovely lady in our shop who left a few minutes ago. She’s been in before. Beautiful Irish accent, maybe in her 70s, very polite etc. quite small and you know what? I don’t think she was ...



May 03, 2024

This Is Me! in BAH HUMBUG!


Our cat is named Wopsie and my husband has a hot water bottle cover with 2 balls on a cord that he calls his bollocks! Wopsie was laying/sleeping on the livingroom windowsill. Hubby got into bed...

The 2 Cavalry horses that were injured in the London run-off, Quaker and Vida have gone through surgery and are expected to make a good recovery! YESSSS!

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