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June 25, 2024

Yesterday 24th June...

It was 20.1 C. and was absolutely scorching. I HATE sun/heat/summers, it makes me physically ill and makes my rheumatoid/osteo and back pain worse. I was in Boots yesterday, although the chemist ...

‘’To be disappointed about the book? My daughter is in her mid-twenties. For Xmas she bought me a slim paperback book. I thought at the time it was a fairly modest gift but thanked her and put it...

April 17, 2024

Excruciating Pain Again!

Sometime in the early hours I was up again, sat on the edge of the bed washing Ibuprofen down with an entire bottle of Corona Extra trying to ease the agonizing back and hip pain! I have a huge...

April 12, 2024


It’s been coming up on the internet that us British/English are trying to come up with new ways to save money. Brilliant ideas are being added but there’s one I can’t get my head around and do .....

Book Description

On my mobile I play these games: Coloring Book, Gown Color, Fancy Color, Daily Hexa, Block Puzzle, Farm Color, 3 Dots, Color Up, Balloon Trip and Bubble POP.

I know they have to get the annoying adverts as sponsors but the one I really can’t stand is where you get money dropped into your account for playing games and there’s these idiots literally screaming and becoming hysterical and crying, all got theirs hands glued over their mouths and leaping on each other because … gosh … they’ve got 3 triangles in a line or they’ve got an extra 20p in their account!

I can’t believe these ‘’actors’‘ actually get paid for such rubbish performances!