Menopause! Be Gone, Demons!

by Pusscat5862

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Had another rough night with it again last night! I call it pesterpause and monsterpause! Got to keep laughing about it, no point in grumping!

I was sat on the edge of the bed last night about 11, sweat pouring off me, freezing hot one minute and boiling cold the next, ha! Hugging a hot water bottle with the bedroom window open!

I was actually guzzling a bottle of Inch’s Cider after it had been in the fridge for 3 days! It was soooo cold and fizzy and refreshing as it slid down my throat!

Hubby was snoring his cute little head off and our cat was under the duvet with us, snuggled into hubby’s beard! She loves to stuff her face against his beard, cuddling in with him and nodding off! They look so lovely together, wrapped up!