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Female. Happily married. Animal/women/disabled/earth/LGBTQ+ supporter. Working f/t self-employed. 100% Atheist. Loves teddy bears, horror/psycho books and films, Monster drink, PG Tips tea. Hates any sort of coffee including in food, discrimination/cruelty to animals/females/disabled. Weird sense of humour! I'm on Twitter: @OhCobblers2That Instagram and Threads: @stickybear5660 CounterSocial:@LittleFatty

Thomas Bailey Aldrich - Flower and Thorn 1882.

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May 03, 2024

This Is Me! in BAH HUMBUG!


Our cat is named Wopsie and my husband has a hot water bottle cover with 2 balls on a cord that he calls his bollocks! Wopsie was laying/sleeping on the livingroom windowsill. Hubby got into bed...

The 2 Cavalry horses that were injured in the London run-off, Quaker and Vida have gone through surgery and are expected to make a good recovery! YESSSS!

April 29, 2024

Day Trip Postponed! in BAH HUMBUG!

Today, 29th April 2024 is my 59th birthday. A few days ago hubby and I had decided to take today off work … we’re f/t self-employed business owners … and jump on either the train or bus somewhere...

‘’To be disappointed about the book? My daughter is in her mid-twenties. For Xmas she bought me a slim paperback book. I thought at the time it was a fairly modest gift but thanked her and put it...

April 26, 2024

Cavalry Horses. in BAH HUMBUG!

Those poor 5 Cavalry horses that did a 6 mile rampage around London, no wonder they tossed their riders off. Apparently, according to what I read today, they’re kept in their holdings for up to ...

April 24, 2024

Moon in WEEEE!

There was a HUGE full moon last night over our bedroom, it was incredibly bright and really gorgeous, like it was watching over us and protecting us.

April 23, 2024


I won’t be here at all on Monday 29th April, it’ll be my 59th birthday so hubby and I will take a day off work and jump on the bus or train somewhere for the day! Find a cafe for Full English/mug...

So hubby and I are always in one of our local shops that sells all kinds of things at cheep prices, you can buy something in the local chemist for £7.00 but this shop has basically the same thing...

April 22, 2024

Joke! in Killing Myself Laughing!

What do you call a rabbit with fleas? Bugs Bunny! HA!

It’s 2:18pm here at work on Saturday 20th April. On Monday we made £10.50 and Tuesday £2.00 and no sales for the rest of the week! It’s so dead quiet out there again with barely anyone around! Th...

April 19, 2024

Poor Hubby! in BAH HUMBUG!

A couple of days ago he damaged his right foot when doing some renovations. He dropped some tiles on it. It’s swollen up quite bad and a bit red. I’ve applied Teatmint Cow Cream to it all over th...

Sometime in the early hours I was up again, sat on the edge of the bed washing Ibuprofen down with an entire bottle of Corona Extra trying to ease the agonizing back and hip pain! I have a huge...

April 12, 2024

UGH! in I Can't Stand Them!

It’s been coming up on the internet that us British/English are trying to come up with new ways to save money. Brilliant ideas are being added but there’s one I can’t get my head around and do .....

A few weeks ago when hubby lost his Nitrolingual heart spray bottle so I ordered him another one online and it’s in his desk at his office at work, then I was going to order him another for home....

Hubby had me dying of laughter about 3am! I’d got out of bed for a drink and he was snuggled in bed laying on his left side with our cat laying over his left arm and they were all cosy together. ...

Had another rough night with it again last night! I call it pesterpause and monsterpause! Got to keep laughing about it, no point in grumping! I was sat on the edge of the bed last night about 1...

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