OMG! I Can't Believe It! in YES YES YES!

  • June 26, 2024, 9:23 a.m.
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I enter for hundreds of online competitions and freebies each year, most days I put in for something but very rarely win anything although I do get quite a lot of freebies.

On Saturday 22nd June I got an email saying I’d won a Lifeboats waterproof transparent phone pouch complete with a little leash!

It’s now 2:19pm and it arrived a few minutes ago!

I never do water sports or anything but it will be very useful for when I’m out and it’s absolutely piddling down!

I’m so happy!

Jodi June 26, 2024

Almost 20 years ago I used to win tons of contests, including big prizes like trips and large sums of cash. Then Facebook came and ruined all the competition. Where you used to have about 10,000 entries, there are now a million.

Pusscat5862 Jodi ⋅ June 26, 2024


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