Thank you! While in Skipton I bought a long-handled dustpan/brush and I told the man who sold it to me ''I've bought it for hubby, got to make him a good house husband!''

He creased up laughing and hubby marched me out side saying ''shut your gob or I'm clobber you with it!''
Yeah yeah!

It was absolutely pouring down with rain all day which is brilliant as I love rain, the more the merrier so while he was buying someone from an outdoor stall I went a couple along and bought a high-viz yellow cap for £6.00. When hubby saw it he said ''bloody hell! I could spot you a mile off! Actually I'd rather not, you look like a road block!''

So we went to a cafe where I forced him to buy me a strawberry protein shake for £5.00 ''if you know what's good for you!''

He's brilliant he is!