Hilarious Husband! Take One! in Killing Myself Laughing!

  • June 28, 2024, 5:18 a.m.
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Yesterday when we finished our shifts at work at 4, we walked to the local Spar for some shopping.

As we were passing the cakes etc. I asked him ‘’Do you want any cakes or anything?!’‘ and he replied ‘’Do you want to turn me into a big fat git?!’‘

At that point a lady who was passing burst into fits of laughter at the same time as me and we had a good old cackle between us!

Hubby constantly has me creased up with laughter!

Last updated June 29, 2024

Deleted user June 28, 2024 (edited June 28, 2024)


I love that!!!! Nothing like someone who can make you laugh. That's my favorite thing about my grandpa. He drives my granny crazy but he makes her laugh like no other.

Pusscat5862 Deleted user ⋅ June 28, 2024

Thank you! I fully agree with you! Your grandpa sounds hilarious too!

Deleted user Pusscat5862 ⋅ June 28, 2024

Yup. Even being in the ICU for the past year, going back on dialysis, and being the weakest he has ever been, he still is my favorite person to be with and laugh with.

J.E. June 28, 2024

I would have cackled too. 😁

Pusscat5862 J.E. ⋅ June 28, 2024

Thank you!

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