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I will be the dick you need and Introduction to NESARA GESARA [Video] This is the introduction to NESARA GESARA

Hell is coming, Mr. T, November, Gulf Stream collapsing, Ice Age 2030 / There is not an FDA approved vaccine [Video] https://aapsonline.org/aaps-statement-on-fdas-approval-decision-on-pfizer-bi...

Ingersoll Lockwood Journal Future Meets Past No Small m Tattoo and Dr. November’s Truth Lockdown 2.0 and Wear condoms in the Grocery Store Checkmate has occurred [Video]

The Echo of Our Souls [Video] When the Sun awakes And opens its eye The Moon disappears into the blue Taking back its light Leaving a hollow shell That collects dust and sound The echo of ...

July 20, 2021

Sustainable Cities in Poetry

Sustainable Cities [Video]

A New Beginning [Video] I forgot my path And found the death trap I want to create a new society The vision hides in prophecies and dreams I want to go away from The Serpent’s seed And heal the ...

June 08, 2021

The Final Gate in Poetry

The Final Gate [Video] Time measure 1 solar day = 24 hours 24 hours x 60 min = 1440 min 1,440 min x 60 sec = 86,400 sec 12-hour span of time 720 min x 60 sec = 43,200 Space measure 1 foot = 12 i...

The Magic Show Begins [Video] The heavens Have brought us to This fate The never-ending hate A collision will collapse The old system The ones holding onto the past Marching to the deception E...

Death, rebirth, Jesus, 45, 17, the second coming, and the return [Video]

The Storm, the Old Man, and a Red Dragon [Video]

Dissertation Restorative Justice Purpose of the Study [Video]

Dissertation Restorative Justice Problem Statement [Video]

Dissertation Restorative Justice in the Workplace [video]

More weird things that might happen and an Ice Age [video]

A dream inside a dream inside a dream [video]

April 27, 2021

Welcome to the Ending in Poetry

Welcome to the Ending [Video]

It’s time for Light I’m just a character in this play [Video]

April 14, 2021

What You Created in Me in Poetry

I’m alone Covered in darkness Frozen in time Considering the options After the worst Five years of my life And if I don’t see Anything good I just might die I continue to suffer I soak up the r...

My novel is done [video] The Joe Biden thing is hilarious. Biden said he has been a Senator for 120 years 😂😂😂. And you cannot forget The wind = 3 Biden = 0 😂😂😂😂😂

The Great Deception and The Great Uniter [Video] Just an update [Video] Please, Blue Anons, tell me, why are Joe Biden’s eyes black?

I am glad that you responded to my last entry. I cannot wait to put you in my novel and show the errors of your thinking. Obviously, you need someone to hold your hand through this and lead you t...

Okay, so I was one of those people without power for three days. There are still people without power. The Biden Administration is the responsible party. I will be calling attorneys. What the Bid...

More Notes on Conflict Resolution [Video]

More Dissertation Notes & Quantum Thinking [Video]

Novel Update, Dissertation Conflict Resolution, There will be Light in the Spring [Video]

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