Transjester & Clowngender in Poetry

  • July 4, 2023, 8:24 a.m.
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Transjester & Clowngender

Transjester & clowngender

Welcome to 2023
All you need to do
Is chop off
Your penis
To be famous
And end the phallic dominance
The toxic masculinity
But beware
15 minutes of shame
Is what you’ll receive
Because you can’t perceive

They wave
Satan’s rainbow flag
All around
Most don’t know
They are under a spell
You still vibrate
Your phone
With sexual overtones
As plastic queens
Fuck your mind
With rainbow pride

Chastising gender
Rebuking creation
Transphobic masturbation
Cumming on plastic screens
Displayed to manipulate the truth
Provoke fear
Soak in the negativity
Fuck a tree
Fuck bee
Embrace climate change
With ecosexuality
Who knows what to screw
In an upside-down world
Afraid of a penis
In a clown’s world

In the end
You won’t win
That is not the plan
For revealing yourself
And waking up the masses
The systematic beast will end
Because Satan is limp
And the Pride Flag
Ran out of Viagra
As dickless clowns
Run around with jester hats
In time
They will have no kin
To propagate their hateful lies
For they destroy lives

Last updated July 04, 2023

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