Jester's Journal #4 Consciousness in Poetry

  • Jan. 8, 2024, 9:53 a.m.
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Most people react to situations without even thinking about why they are reacting. About 80% of the population is in the lower mind. They live in a false reality without even thinking about the structures and systems that control their minds through philosophy, science, and the isms. They fail to realize that humanity is connected through energy, vibration, and frequency. All is One, and One is All. Instead, those who are asleep separate themselves from the collective knowledge of the Divine and become involved in the Lucifer Experiment, which always fails because negativity and fear control their destiny. They find shelter in the structures of humanity, and yet, humanity’s structures always fail. If humanity is going to free themselves, then humanity must embrace art, love, life, and forgiveness. Find peace in your inner world to manifest a world where every human succeeds and reaches their potential.

I know nothing. Don’t listen to me.

The Trickster,

–The Jester

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