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2022 laugh before you go to hell [video] 2022 laugh before you go to hell It’s 2022 And everything is so stupid It’s crazy With loony politicians Always farting and pooping On live TV And thos...

1998 2004 Trump COVFEFE Tobacco Health Benefits [Video]!po=0.877193

It All Began in 1998 Bonus New Energy Sources and Update on Quantum Era [Video] What is the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG)?

Organization Change Theory How you are manipulated [Video] Plato’s allegory of the cave James-Lange Theory Lewin Kotter’s 8-step model McKinsey 7S model

War, Collapsing Economy, Goodbye Dollar, Shortages, Snow identifies as Rain [Video]

March 07, 2022

The Story of Our Love

The Story of Our Love She fills my mind With fire and ice While we lay outside Looking up at the sky The stars blink and gleam The Moon reveals its face My breath maintains the pace And I can fe...

Global Reset and Quantum Financial System [Video]

February 19, 2022

Entering the Void

Entering the Void [Video] I’m lost It’s been a while Since I looked up At the heavens Trying to avoid time The rhythm and rhyme Trying not to watch Saturn and Pluto Make their names With ch...

Pluto to Destroy Economy MSM Dems Impeachment DeathRebirth [Video]

Dissertation Plato’s Search for Justice [Video]

Part 8 Nesara Gesara is active, the commercial republic, democrats love Trump’s vaccine [video] Here is the video that shows that Nesara Gesara has been activated

January 15, 2022

Philosophy What is real

Philosophy What is real [Video]

Philosophy The Great Mind Reset Doubt is the Beginning of Wisdom [Video] The lyrics that I sa...

Clown World News Drunken Special, Medbeds are real, Medical Tyranny Demoncrats [Video] Here are those videos you requested https://twit...

Nesara Gesara Part 7 Trump Returns and What I’ve said returns [Video]

Drunken Clown World News Special Is it Medical Tyranny and Why Vote for Demoncrats [Video] Please let me know if you believe that medical tyranny is occurring? Please let me know why I should vo...

Nesara Gesara Part 6 Review, the Fed, and the Constitutionality of Mandates [Video] James Madison “There are consequences, sir, still more extensive which as they follow clearly from the doctrin...

President Shart’s fart mandate to stop tornadoes, Stuffed animal surprise, the December crash continues, Hospital Cocktail, Circus Congress Mandate, Liberals are Hitler [Video]

Clown World News Episode 3 Bill Gates charged with murder Unicron variant Jizzlane trial The Queen’s Death The December Crash [Video] Bill Gates Charged with Murder

Clown World News cWs Episode 2 President Shart’s Wipe My Butt Better Agenda, the Left is Sadistic and the Right is Masochistic, The December Crash, and The New Variant [Video]

Clown World News cWs Episode 1 Pandemic, Plandemic, or Clowndemic Tell me if you think it is a Pandemic, Plandemic, or Clowndemic

Durham getting closer to Hillary The Fed is trapped Days until the government runs out of money

Nesara Gesara Part 5 Supreme Court or Judicial Activists – Judicial Review Unconstitutional – Who Watches the Watchers [Video] Thomas Jefferson “At the establishment of our constitution, the jud...

November 08, 2021

It's coming

It’s coming

Nesara Gesara Part 4 The All-Powerful Government, Demoncrats Destroying Themselves, 1111 or 0000, Masks Protect Better Than a Condom [Video]

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