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A Message of Positivity [Video] Think and be positive I want the best for everyone

The is a message from Johnny Mnemonic Your wake-up call is January 17, 2021, at 10-10:30 AM

I am walking away from the Republican Party and supporting Texit [Video] To the Republic of Texas Support #Texit

I support Texit America has ended. I no longer support the Republican Party. I do support a New Country with new values since the values of America have been sold. I support the Republic of Texa...

Libra Inner, Outer, and Evolution [Video] Diversity of Appearance versus Diversity of Mind [Video] Everything Will Appear Dead [Video]

December 27, 2020

She Cannot Escape

She tattoos her face Hiding the sin Her past cannot erase She’s trapped in time Lost inside her mind Confused and dazed Selling her soul To escape the horrible pain I’ve seen her face The one sh...

Digging Deeper into Libra [Video] A contested election Trump, Pence, and Pelosi [Video] Who will win?

December 10, 2020


How can you see When the illusion Is what you perceive All you do Is classify and divide And sit there To ponder why You feel disconnected From a world with no eyes Welcome to reality Nothing h...

Her Illuminating Eyes Just like the Moon She shows her face at night Hiding in the shadows Waiting for the stars To shine through Investigating the sky Trying to unlock destiny One light at a ti...

I have been displaced Somewhere along the lines of Love and hate I’m visible Only to the reality You choose to see I’m frozen in time In a portrait Far away From anything you believe I swallowed...

November 22, 2020

Introduction to Libra

Introduction to Libra [Video]

November 19, 2020

My Suicidal Melody

I’m so drugged and relaxed I wish you could see My blood drip off Various parts of my skin I wish you could be here So you can see I can be ignorant and bliss And I wish You could see my artist...

According to the Constitution Trump can still win [Video]

My prescription Is low So I took a pill To let go While destiny and fate Point to the direction I will take Life had just begun Once I put the bullets In the gun It seems I’m too late To live i...

My novel reading Chapter 1 The Dream [video]

The Elimination of Money [Video] Okay, this is going to be a weird and long election. Remember, nothing is finalized until December 14th. The evidence for fraud is stacking up. I do not see the...

October 29, 2020

Silently Ostracized

The scenery is set In black and white I see no colors In day or night Everything stays the same And I don’t care What comes my way I was born Into the devil’s hands Using nature As my consequen...

October 20, 2020

World War 3 (2001 - 2028)

World War 3 (2001 - 2028) [Video]

October 14, 2020

Poof…and I Disappear

Poof…and I Disappear This night I hope to die When the stars and moon Illuminate the sky with gods and angels By my side I’m running faster Away from my fate Afraid of the destruction It will c...

Prospectus Program of Study Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership Problem Statement The problem is unresolved interpersonal conflict leads to distrust between an organization an...

Intermission Do you understand the Joke [Video]

The Terrible Decade, Confusion, Trump, The Queen, Ice Age, Disaster, WW III, Hope, Unitivism [Video]

October 02, 2020

Black Rose Red

Take a look at the world And tell me You like what you see It’s a lost cause When everyone remains fallen And hopeless I speak And my words just become air Flying up high Because I disturb your...

Authority Over Knowledge, Harrison Bergeron, Socialism, Unitivism, the Presidential Debate [Video] The reliance on members of authority is an important source of knowledge building within societ...

September 23, 2020

Black Rose Death

The morning dew Brings the stench of death A black rose Lays out on the ground And I wrap it in foil So our love doesn’t spoil The clouds blot out the sun The darkness appears to erase everythi...

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This diary will focus on my poetry as I am writing a novel.