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July 09, 2020

The Supremacy of Death in Poetry

You took everything away Crossed out my name And made me run away I prisoned myself Deep inside a dark cave Because I wanted no one to see I was defeated by a lie But it woke up my mind I felt a...

July 06, 2020

Introduction to Virgo in Poetry

Introduction to Virgo

I Will Survive Do you want to Witness death Look above The sky is drenched in blood No Sun No Star Not even the moonlight Can penetrate The seal of death Everything alive Will die You can th...

Reading of my novel Introducing Enlil [Video] There are still two characters I have not introduced and they are Raphael and Gadreel. You’ll hear about them later on. Right now, it is back to e...

July 02, 2020

The Earth isn't mine in Poetry

When they speak You believe their Web of deception And you’re tangled In a fabricated illusion Trapped like a fly Unable to tell time Zero gravity Lifts my skin To an alternative reality I’m in...

Reading from novel Introducing Enki [Video]

Reading of my novel Introducing Gaia [Video]

My mental agility Threatens national security And I have enemies Those psychopaths That maintain control Spreading fear like a virus To keep you inside Beating your mind Until depression and suic...

Reading from novel Introducing Sophia [Video] This is not a final version because I’m still in the editing stages. Next time, I’m definitely going to have a glass of water near me, lol.

Reading of my novel Introducing Tiriel [Video]

Updates, computer crash and more [Video]

June 13, 2020

Break the Cycle in Poetry

Depression controls my mind Shadowing my Self I’m just misunderstood Because I realize Who I am In this horrific dream Contracting the heart and mind This is just a slither of time Between life ...

Joseph and His Brothers, major change and shift in consciousness, love and forgiveness [Video] Unitive Justice https://www.sylviaclute.com/ Edinger, The Bible and the Psyche: Individuation Symbo...

Raphael 1 AP 0, hydroxychloroquine, peer reviewed lie, unitive leadership [Video] Sylvia Clute https://www.sylviaclute.com/bending-justice-toward-love Sara Daves https://saradaves.com/the-unitiv...

June 06, 2020

So You Think You're Free in Poetry

Freedom Is not a nation Or any person, place, or thing Freedom is a word An idea That has not yet Been fulfilled For freedom is slavery Humanity I’d like to welcome You to hell I know you don’...

Jacob and Esau, conflict avoidance, and 2020 The Year of Murphy’s Law [Video]

May 31, 2020

Is This What You Want in Poetry

No matter the direction Humanity takes Disaster will come their way The past is created The present is programmed While the future Continuously rewrites the dead All this happens As we live in o...

Leo Sun Decanates, Cusp, and Health [Video]

As the government Consumes and molests your minds They leave traces behind And tell you their disguise The words envelop the truth And they call it a lie Knowing you are blind The battle for day...

Leo Attraction and Love Nature Female and Male [Video]

My Dissertation Ph.D., Unitive Leadership, Hermetics, Carl Jung, Alchemy, the Future, and Novel Update [Video]

As I look beyond the valley of death I see a nation created for the people To cheat the people As I look From sea to shining sea I see a porno nation Which I hold And grab tightly to my waist Re...

Leo Inner, Outer, and Evolution [Video]

May 14, 2020

The Dreams I See in Poetry

Yesterday I woke up Drenched in cold sweat Intoxicating dreams With visions I see Shocked by the tragedy That eliminated my life As I rip my veins out And watched myself die My eyes are paralyz...

Leo the Sun Sign [Video]

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