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April 03, 2020

I have a fader

So to start. A fader is a term for a baby rabbit that is “fading” away. Its not eating, moving around much or doing anything like other angoras. Today i went out to check on my babies first thin...

March 30, 2020

More flufferdoos

I figure seeing i dont share photos of my kids, i can at least share more photos of my fluffs. Harmony got grass time! WE HAVE GRASS! Her house is an oatmeal box. Thats how small she is haha. ...

My grandbunnies are here :D We have 9 babies. 6 chestnut ( like mom) or chin ( like rooster and teddy) You cant tell yet. Not till they get some wool growing in. 2 fawns, ( the pinky looking one...

March 26, 2020

Bunny updates

All of my buns are doing well. Yesterday i groomed my last two fluffy english. So today only the satins have coats on ( and the french wench) So today was pinecone day. Every two weeks or so they...

March 01, 2020

Bunnugget update

Well. I keep doing the thing. The thing where i get buns haha. Yesterday i brought home a rew german angora. Shes fairly blind and scans a lot. Which is looking from side to side when you are in...

February 27, 2020

the house that jack lives

Hubby finished Jack’s condo. Its 48 X 26 X 26/30. Jack will now have lots of space to stretch out, stand up, and enjoy. Better then the small cage he had in the house. He even built an Auto Water...

February 22, 2020

Meet Teddy!

So yesterday i went out of town and bought a chinchilla buck. He is supposed to be french and german hybrid ( ideal) But as i get him i realize hes satin ( NOT IDEAL) Shoot. So now i have TWO shi...

February 20, 2020

Sour Puss

In November i bought my chestnut french girl Clover. She was not overly friendly but good enough. She was a baby and her previous owner said she was super affectionate. Good with her kids. Since...

February 11, 2020


RABBITS!! My roo roo needed a shave today. We started out with Jack loose like almost always and then brought in Clover. We arranged to breed one of my english girls Ariel later this week and I ...

November 18, 2019

Weekend Rabbit show

I got to go to the bun show this weekend. It was so cool to see how they grow them down south. :) I had a few things i noted that are different from north. Like heads are narrower overall. Like m...

September 15, 2019

Rabbits part. whatever.

So we have to change the list again. My breeder for my satin doe backed out and she is a nice doe. So satins to go Valentina Rooster Frostbite ( her sons, can breed back to mom) English Poppy-...

September 07, 2019

The great animal debate

So this is getting its own entry. Today is the shot clinic at noon for the dogs to get their rabies shots for travel. Then they just need a vet visit within 30 days of leaving so im waiting to g...

August 16, 2019

Rabbit list

Satins Fawn Ermine Chin ( bucks) ( Kimchi, Frostbite, Rooster) English Selene, Ariel, Poppy, Grinch, Sonata German Rememberence Need to home still Chinny Jafar Would rehome Kimchi and Rose Re...

July 07, 2019

Bottle babies

I lost both my bottle babies yesterday. One escaped and died in the house. We found him later. And the other one went to a foster home and was too weak. We tried. But it just wasnt meant to be. ...

July 02, 2019

Babies Day 4

Both babies are still alive. They still dont nurse on the nipple they just lay there while i squeeze the milk in so slowly. But they get chubby, Not fat, but chubby and eventually get tired and s...

June 27, 2019


This little chestnut satin angora dosent approve of me doing anything but pet her! Red and fawn siblings. Yes their color is amazing. and last but not least. hiking essentials.

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