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Mama to 5 kids. Wife of 16 years and going on. Childrens photographer. Classic DIYer. Simplistic living, old fashioned, bunny owner. Bipolar, anxiety, autoimmune disorder. Gentle soul, seeking kindness and love. Alaska living, not an outdoorsman, summer loving landlocked mermaid.

The devil asked how i knew my way through the halls of hell. I replied. I do not need a map for the path i know so well.

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So this was franken crisp and it did and did NOT turn out. 8 qt IP. 1 #10 can peaches ( the big one!!) 4 cups whole oatmeanl, None of that instant stuff!! 1 cup brown sugar. 1/2 cup melted but...

I got to go to the bun show this weekend. It was so cool to see how they grow them down south. :) I had a few things i noted that are different from north. Like heads are narrower overall. Like m...

6 days ago

Shit meet fan? in Bittersweet

So ex friend messaged me last night, said i knew it was you. And banned me from my angora group. Im like what? Huh? I asked for clarification and she refused. Who the hell knows. Listen kid, im ...

Ok so this is another cook for my massive family recipe. But it can easily be adapted. Especially seeing i season to taste!! This is made as a side dish for chicken teryakki. 3 lbs pasta, I use...

7 days ago

Sick feelings in Bittersweet

Little girl felt sick last night. She sat down in the middle of the store and started crying to go home. Shes a 5 year old who loves shopping. You know something is wrong when shes crying to go h...

November 10, 2019

Red rocks in Bittersweet

We hiked a new area today, Red rock canyon. It was quite lovely!! A beautiful 70 degree day. Barely any clouds. The dogs loved it and did well. We took 4 of the kids ( one nephew, 3 of ours, ) w...

November 09, 2019

Still mourning in Bittersweet

Im still feeling so very alone. IM getting so frustrated. People told me to fogive her for her comments against me. She ended the friendship saying im toxic. Me forgive her for her comments becau...

November 06, 2019

Thats it in Bittersweet

Thats it. Im getting a main coon cat! Not one that looks like a hybrid or mixed. But a full pure maincoon. Ok im not getting one but i REALLY want one!

November 06, 2019

Christmas ugh in Bittersweet

Dont get me wrong i LOVE Christmas. I utterly adore it. We actually Celebrate Yule not Christmas. We prefer the older traditions. But I dont wanna go into that now lol. Christmas is going to be ...

Ive always been a crafter. unfortunately a few years back, knitting and crocheting became so mainstream EVERYONE i knew was trying to sell. Before that it was pretty easy to sell my life long cra...

November 02, 2019

Life after you. in Bittersweet

I think the hard thing about loosing the friend you talk to the most, is lack of someone to talk about daily bullshit with. There is no more chatting about kids, or dinner, or crafts or whatever....

October 30, 2019

Then comes peace in Bittersweet

When you arrive at a hurtful decision. It makes you cry and rage and bawl… And unexpectedly peace comes. Its in a way like a weight is lifted. I dont have to wake up and cringe sometimes because ...

October 29, 2019

Breakups in Bittersweet

Welp my friend and I broke up. shes 100% ignoring me. Says im toxic. I cried yesterday. Everyone i talked to said im not at all and shes just going through a hard time. Im over it today… I feel ...

Pretty sure ive written down this recipie before but im going to do it again. For the family of 15, We did 10 lbs of potatoes. But adjust for your family. Cube all potatoes into 1 inch squares. ...

October 18, 2019

alive in Bittersweet

We have arrived. 7 days of travel. I blew 3 tires total on the trailer. 7 rabbits alive, 5 kids survived. We are slowly settling in at my mothers. Well unpacking still. Working on it at least. ...

October 14, 2019

Five days in in Bittersweet

We left SO much stuff. In such a hury and mess. I feel terrible about it. But this is the first time ive gotten on my computer. Im currently in a hotel inside Jasper Alberta Canada. First off t...

October 09, 2019

This is it! in Bittersweet

We leave in the morning. We hopefully have everything, If we dont, its getting left behind. Sigh. here we go.

October 08, 2019

All good plans in Bittersweet

Need a good backup. So my print orders for my clients wont be in till late Thursday. Ok.... My mother in law said she can forward them along. My husband meets a client Wednesday so now we cant l...

October 07, 2019

How many days? in Bittersweet

So we figured if we play our cards right we can actually leave on Wednesday instead of Friday. Tomorrow, im doing a photoshoot, which is really making me mad. They waited until the week i leave ...

What im learning. 1. i have enough craft stuff to open a craft store. ( i donated several hundred dollars worth to preschool, and more to my mother in law) 2. I have very few “posessions” outside...

September 30, 2019

Cha cha cha changes in Bittersweet

So many changes!! Today’s involved my split second desision to sign the kids up for homeschool so we can travel. Today i got the hs kid and jrhs kid enrolled and classes set up. HS kid says oh i...

September 27, 2019

Denali in Bittersweet

Denali The great one the one that stands alone Mt Mickinly The tallest mountain in north america. 70 mile drive.

September 25, 2019

16 in Bittersweet

Countdown has begun. my husband didnt believe me and looked at a calender and is now stressing. 16 days. it snowed 18 inches in montana according to my parents. 16 days. its hitting in the 20s ...

September 23, 2019

The headaches in Bittersweet

So my mother in law, who previously told us she WANTED to keep the dog. Then later began to throw fits about leaving the dog. Constantly making snide comments. Some things like she was going to l...

September 18, 2019

Yep crazy in Bittersweet

So i withdrew all my kids from public school and enrolled them in public homeschool through the district. As long as they are in it, they are still alaska residents. And an do their work online ...

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