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December 07, 2022

07 DPM 22 in MoMoMo

Non-Prompt I’m so proud of myself!! So happy and proud!! I’ve made it this far. [Insert ugly crying here.] I wanna thank everyone who helped get me here. This was a lot of hours on the phone or m...

December 06, 2022

06 DPM 22 in MoMoMo


December 05, 2022

05 DePhoMo 22 in MoMoMo

Lantern or Stripes There are some stripes in here. LOL For a new project.

December 04, 2022

04 DePhoMo 22 in MoMoMo

Non-Prompt I just wanted to show off my new necklace.

December 03, 2022

03 DePhoMo 22 in MoMoMo

Sweet Treat or Savory Meal Had both at a friend’s birthday party. And am both. Heh.

December 02, 2022

02 DePhoMo 22 in MoMoMo

Christmas Tree or Wreath Weirdly enough, (unless I’m not looking hard enough) wreaths are hard to find unless you go to like, Michael’s or even a Home Depot. I think it’s because they tend to be ...

December 01, 2022

NoJoMo Catch-Up in MoMoMo

11. If you were going to write a novel, what would it be about? I started writing a LONG time ago about dreams I’d had that were jokingly referred to as “past lives”. Just bebopping around the Un...

December 01, 2022

01 DePhoMo 22 in MoMoMo

I can’t remember what it was other than something and “bah humbug” but this caught my attention. I despise December but the only redeeming value is Jon’s birthday. And fuck yes, I backdated this....

November 01, 2022

01 NoJoMo 22-Triathlon? Help!! in MoMoMo

Happy November! I usually set up a list on the NJM page. However, with medical procedures and work and some other things, I’m not able to plan for a long time away. Therefore, I would not have be...

October 30, 2022

NoJoMo 2022 in Random Public Stuffs

I usually do NoJoMo, but I can’t find the login info and with work and the approaching holidays, I wouldn’t have the time to post the entries. But, I hope you continue the tradition and write one...

4 more days til I’m on a plane. 5 more days til my birthday. 6 more days til I see my Wings play the Bruins live!!! Im getting more excited as the days get closer. However, when I went to get my ...

March 24, 2022

T-minus... in Random Public Stuffs

10 more days til I’m on a plane to Detroit. 11 more days til my birthday! 12 more days til I get to see my Wings play LIVE against the Boston Bruins!!! I’m excited. I’m getting even more excited ...

March 15, 2022

Struggling in Random Public Stuffs

I’m fighting to just not cancel my birthday trip to put the money toward bills. I’m a little behind, but I’m slowly catching up with the mortgage. I used most of my tax return to catch up and eve...

We dropped Logan off on the 2nd. I cried. And cried. And cried some more. I really wanted to be strong for him, but it didn’t happen. My daughter and his girlfriend were in tears as well. Logan’...

Current Annoyance: The ache in my lower back. Still, it was from a two-mile hike…no regrets. Current Bane of My Existence: Being fat. I’ve been fat for years but for some reason, it’s been…EXTRA?...

They say 3rd time is a charm. I’m so excited! I’ll be flying out at the asscrack of dawn and on a nonstop flight to Detroit on April 3rd. April 4th is my birthday, and the Wings/Bruins game is on...

February 22, 2022

02/22/2022 in Random Public Stuffs

I let my work fall to the wayside after my mom died. I haven’t made moon water, or even much jewelry. I barely wear my stones. I barely remember to put my stones out. But something gave me a kick...

February 14, 2022

One Year in Random Public Stuffs

Today is the anniversary of my mother’s passing. I just wanna sit in my room, in my bed, watching “Vampire Diaries”. If I wasn’t broke, I’d probably be sitting in a bar. Or I’d have a damn burg...

February 09, 2022

Musings in Random Public Stuffs

I’ve been a member of OD and PB for quite some time. Actually, I think some of my readers and I “met” when my eldest was a baby! She’s 21 now. My eldest son is headed for Basic on March 2nd. I’ve...

They are mutts but mostly Labs. Female. Sisters. About 5 years old. Ruby has always considered Jon her human. Ruby is insanely outgoing. She’s also a little bossy. Max is more shy. I felt so ba...

So…Andrew’s ex-gf told him she was gonna get rid of the dogs. He asked me if he could just bring them down here. I said yes, but we are between pay days. We have enough to get by for food, but it...

November 13, 2021

A HUGE Thank You in Random Public Stuffs

I was so moved by the amount of people who helped me and my son. Some people said, “I’m sorry, it’s only $5.” Do you know you can get a package of spaghetti for less than $5? Bread is $2 here. Mi...

I’ve NEVER asked for help. But DHS is behind on the EBT train. I used my last check to get groceries and I fell short on gas for work. I’ve been good so far but shit happened and now I’m short an...

October 04, 2021

NoJoMo 2021 in Random Public Stuffs

I’m alive. I’ve also written an entry for NoJoMo 2021. Here is the NJM journal entry to link your entries to. Also looking for ideas for prompts that haven’t been used already. Of course, some of...

August 09, 2021

TW: Cutting in Random Public Stuffs

Staring at my clock....fighting the urge to cut.

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