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"Do not mistake my kindness for weakness, for it is far easier to Hate you than it is to Love you."

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1 day ago

OPM 18-16 in MoMoMo

Festival Greekfest. A yearly event I look forward to.

1 day ago

OPM 18-15 in MoMoMo

Temporary OR Permanent I just saw my soda treat. Temporary.

3 days ago

OPM 18-14 in MoMoMo

Friend OR Stranger I chose “Friend” because this girl is always camera-ready.

3 days ago

OPM 18-13 in MoMoMo

Late, and non-prompt.

“…a whisper and a scream…“ I have been stuck on a couple songs lately. This one seems to be the current mood.

5 days ago

OPM 18-12 in MoMoMo

Water OR Fire At the waters I must have to take these fucking pills.

6 days ago

OPM 18-11 in MoMoMo

Earth OR Air Note: My best friend has a feeder that attracts all kinds of birds and squirrels. The squirrels BURY the corn kernels IN the ground all over the yard, along with putting sticks near...

7 days ago

OPM 18-10 in MoMoMo

Life OR Death I miss my Dad.

7 days ago

OPM 18-9 in MoMoMo

October 08, 2018

OPM 18-8 in MoMoMo

The prompt was River OR Bridge, so I chose to put a spin on “bridge”. This necklace was given to me by my best friend Andrew a LONG time ago. He said that the gems stood for family, that it was ...

I know it’s only the 8th of October and we are in OctPhoMo, but there is something special about NoJoMo for me. So, I got the list drawn up, and here it is. November Journal Month I can’t wait t...

October 08, 2018

OPM 18-7 in MoMoMo

October 07, 2018

OPM 18-6 in MoMoMo

October 05, 2018

OPM 18-5 in MoMoMo

05: Tooth OR Nail Fitting.

October 05, 2018

State Of Mind in Random Public Stuffs

I feel like the zoo has gotten bigger. I see the new additions and I am in awe. There are people who have enclosed themselves willingly. These are people who had dreams they wanted to achieve....

Do you have any regrets? No. I know that people will say that I’m lying. However, with where I am…who I am, at this moment…I would not change a thing. I can’t change other people, so there is ...

October 04, 2018

OPM 18-4 in MoMoMo

Prompt is: Canine OR Feline. Not my animals. But they are definitely entertaining.

October 03, 2018

OPM 18-3 in MoMoMo

03 Indoors OR Outdoors I ended up with a virus so I figured I would do a slant on the prompt.

October 02, 2018

OPM 18-2 in MoMoMo

The prompt is Truth OR Lies. Take it as you will.

October 01, 2018

OPM 18-1 in MoMoMo

Todays’s prompt is ”Black OR Orange”. I went with my jewelry display board, as I was finally able to get my jewelry making stuff back. I am working on little girls’ necklaces for someone who ha...

September 29, 2018

Sports in Random Public Stuffs

Huskers are 0-3. Playing Purdue today… I am hoping we at least get on the board. We got fucking slaughtered by the Wolverines last week. My Wings didn’t do great against the Leafs last night. ...

September 25, 2018

I, Hypocrite in Random Public Stuffs

(Sighs. Rubs temples. Pinches bridge of nose.) I don’t know how many times I have flat-out told people that I’m the world’s biggest hypocrite in the emotional realm. In talking about emotions...

September 25, 2018

OPM List in MoMoMo

OctPhoMo is around the corner! You can find all the information and the admin here: OctoPhoMo I am actually excited for it. I have read over the list and quite a few ideas have come to mind. I...

1. Have you ever TP’d someone’s house? A bush, when I was 8-ish. Not a house. My parents would’ve snatched me up. 2. Have you ever stolen anything? A pack of gum when I was 6 I guess. My mom ...

This weekend, my Huskers were slated to lose against the Wolverines. I know the Huskers are trying to rebuild and they think with Frost as the coach, it will be even better since he used to play...

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