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2 hours ago

Day 056 in 365 Challenge

Waiting for the sunrise.

18 hours ago

Day 055 in 365 Challenge


1 day ago

Day 054 in 365 Challenge

Buffalo Clan. Tribal intermediaries. Shared information between the members and chiefs.

3 days ago

Day 053 in 365 Challenge

Snake Clan. Defenders of the village itself, also in charge of “community service” and making sure the community was clean. Also had some workings with religious services.

4 days ago

Day 052 in 365 Challenge

Warrior Clan. Self explanatory. These were the “second-in-command” types, as the Bear Clan was the chief and the head of the lower/Earth clans. These were also the main hunters of the tribe as w...

5 days ago

Day 051 in 365 Challenge

Fish Clan. Engineering, commerce, and environment. From the scant readings, this clan was in charge of regulating trades with other tribes and the white people. With water being the exception, ...

5 days ago

Day 049 in 365 Challenge

Pigeon Clan. (Considered “Extinct”.) Youngest of the clans to be formed, associated with strength and strength associated with power or status. These were considered to be the young bodyguards ...

6 days ago

Day 050 in 365 Challenge

Deer Clan. Deer clan members learned to tell signs of nature and the weather. The clan was responsible for suggesting harvest time. This is a clan that I couldn’t find much information on, and I...

7 days ago

Day 048 in 365 Challenge

(NOTE: Brief text taken from plaque on the statue, along with a little snippet from a site meant to break duties down simply for tourist.) Elk Clan, considered fierce warriors, were responsible f...

Wolf Clan statue. This clan was a “jack of all trades”. They were soldiers, but they were also in charge of social welfare, working in “public health administration and public safety”, is the be...

June 08, 2019

Day 046 (EDIT) in 365 Challenge

Thunder Clan representation. The Thunder Clan is considered the chief of the “Upper/Sky” clans, along with being the “overall chief and guardian of peace.” This chief presided over civil functi...

June 07, 2019

Day 045 (EDIT) in 365 Challenge

Bear Clan representation. Bear clan members controlled decisions regarding the earth. The clan acted as police officers during peacetime and was responsible for discipline. Bear clan members may ...

June 06, 2019

Day 044 (EDIT) in 365 Challenge

This will be a series. There are 12 clans in my tribe. I started with mine. Here is the representation for the Eagle Clan. Eagle clan representatives provided security for the tribe’s chiefs. ...

June 05, 2019

Day 043 (EDIT) in 365 Challenge

It was brought to my attention that some peeps might actually WANT to learn a little bit of the clans in my Tribe, so…I’ll edit the previous ones that don’t have a little bit. The statue made to ...

June 03, 2019

Day 041 in 365 Challenge

Points to you if you know who this is!

June 02, 2019

Day 040 in 365 Challenge

So my Mama went a little nuts about my phone having a cracked screen. She decided to get me this and the next month’s card no matter how much I argued.

June 01, 2019

Day 039 in 365 Challenge

Long live the King. Took my youngest son, niece and nephew to Godzilla: King of Monsters. It was fucking epic!!

May 31, 2019

Day 038 in 365 Challenge

So weird seeing your name on a headstone.

May 29, 2019

Day 037 in 365 Challenge

Was heading to therapy.

May 29, 2019

Day 036 in 365 Challenge

Mischief brothers, Spot (by the door) and Newbie (doing deities-know-what in the sink) in the bathroom.

May 27, 2019

Day 035 in 365 Challenge

So, my Mama and Andrew tend to give me jewelry, both for me and to just fix up. So, I found these old necklaces that my Mama found. I tore them apart and remade one. It was a Tommy Hilfiger (s...

May 27, 2019

Day 034 in 365 Challenge

Hometown pizza. Only thing better is Windy City Pizza!

May 26, 2019

Day 033 in 365 Challenge

Making use of my down time at work.

May 24, 2019

Day 032 in 365 Challenge

I squealed when I saw these “adult lunchables”.

So, I’ll have to play catch-up with my pictures and such later. Fucking tequila, man. It was insane. But, good times. Anywho…that’s about it for now. Back to “Lucifer”. Love this series.

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