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  • June 4, 2018, 8:39 a.m.
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All of you are amazing!! Really amazing! We hit the $1500 goal in just 8 hours. WOW!

As I mentioned, the fundraiser will continue running for the next two weeks so anyone that wants to contribute can still do so. Any additional donations will be set aside for emergencies or future development. I’ll post more about this in a site update soon.

Here’s that link one more time.

And here’s some bonus beach Momo:
alt text

alt text

alt text

8!!!! HOURS!!!!!!!!!!

Last updated June 04, 2018

TellTaleHeart June 04, 2018

Holy wow!

Deleted user June 04, 2018


sassafras June 04, 2018

Awesome! I had a feeling we'd hit it pretty quickly. :D

gravity June 04, 2018

Mochi pictures are an extra incentive :)
Love this community.

Silverstar46 June 04, 2018

I'm really not surprised by this but very happy too! :)

Camdengirl June 04, 2018

Knew we could do it - listen though, we smashed this particular crisis, but the fact is, the site will require ongoing investment and development... Why not just make it a monthly thing and do $1 a month ongoing?

I've been campaigning for a paypal donate button for ages, because for me it's not about the site being ad-free, it's about future proofing it against unforeseen dramas. I don't want the uncertainty associated with a freebie site which relies on the goodwill of just a couple of coders. It's got to be more robust than that.

So we jumped this hurdle, let's just everyone stick in some monthly cash whilst we've got the option to do so??

josh Camdengirl ⋅ June 04, 2018

Working on it! I've been building out a framework behind the scenes that will allow for long-term stability, and I'll be posting about that in the coming months. This fundraiser is just the first step to get us over the server hurdle.

Camdengirl josh ⋅ June 04, 2018

Great news - and I hope to see that donate button as a permanent feature!!

my.halo.has.slipped Camdengirl ⋅ June 04, 2018

I think this suggestion makes good sense and I’d be up for that.

Firebabe Camdengirl ⋅ June 04, 2018

I think a permanent donation option/button is a great idea. And if we need to do a big push to raise money for something, an announcement can be sent. Otherwise people can donate when they're able, or even on a regular basis.

InHisGrip June 04, 2018

Wow!! I haven't even had a chance yet, lol! I'll go add some to the pot now.

So cuuuuute!

Narrator June 04, 2018

Huzzah! :D I’m so glad. (For us reaching the goal AND for beach Mochi, which just makes me happy.)

ConnieK June 04, 2018

Great fundraising skills! I should recruit you for our next Giving Challenge. :)

josh ConnieK ⋅ June 04, 2018

I give Mochi full credit

GypsyWynd June 04, 2018


I need tea. June 04, 2018


In D Major June 04, 2018


Pirate79 June 04, 2018

I saw the link this morning before I went to work - didn't get chance to donate this morning as I needed coffee more.... Can't believe Ive just got home and its already been hit... I'll still make my donation though :)

toddslife June 04, 2018

great pic.s

Symmetry June 04, 2018


Luna Leanne 🌈 June 04, 2018

Awesomeness 👍

Walking Crow June 04, 2018

I logged on to donate and we'd already made it! Oh well more for the next issue :)

Lobbastah June 04, 2018

Yeah, we're pretty cool that way.

Lis June 04, 2018

Cheers! xx

Marg June 04, 2018

That's brilliant! I thought we might get there in a few days but 8 hours is fantastic!

BlueEyes418 June 04, 2018

Well, that's impressive! :) And that's very good news. This community apparently has a great deal of trust and faith in you. I sincerely appreciate all that you do.

josh BlueEyes418 ⋅ June 04, 2018

Thanks! I love it here, and I'm blown away by everyone rallying around the cause

Always Laughing June 04, 2018

amazing what people who love a community will do to make sure it stays.

Cat Mommy June 04, 2018

I am amazed. What a great community. I still plan on donating on Friday! :)

Complicated Disaster June 04, 2018

No huge surprise!

nightborn June 04, 2018

Not even a little surprised, like many of the others. This has always been an amazing community.

bobbi01 June 04, 2018

Yay, Team work!

Deleted user June 04, 2018

I keep trying to donate monthly and it won’t let me . I put in my debit card number and then it ships me to PayPal. Paypal says I have an account but won’t give me my password . Why can’t I just use my debit card to contribute monthly ?

kmh. June 04, 2018

Nice :)

Embrace_The_World_In_Gray June 04, 2018

Wow, nice job guys.

Exhumed By Scrying Eyes June 04, 2018

That's praiseworthy support! Way to go Pb community! The future is bright.

girl in recession June 04, 2018


colour of water June 05, 2018

Woohoo!! I've just thrown a couple of coins in :)
Thanks so much, Josh and Mochi!

TruNorth June 05, 2018

Happy to donate as needed.

raeven June 05, 2018


moneypenny June 08, 2018

I chipped in an extra 10, since I missed the fundraiser proper. Use it well and keep up the great work!

Bullwinkle6 June 12, 2018

Not surprised. I just set up a monthly $5 donation.

history of love June 16, 2018

I assume you will update with the total number after donations close so we know how much was raised and what you might have in mind to use it for?

josh history of love ⋅ June 16, 2018

Yep! Look for a post monday!

history of love josh ⋅ June 16, 2018

I will be all ears, wait, eyes for it :)

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