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love cats i have 2 taattoos

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September 05, 2021

Hamilton tiger cats game in myday

wow i won 2 free tickets for the Hamilton tiger cats game on mon sep 6 2021 at 100 pm from first Ontario credit union all post photos when I get time and happy labor day

August 28, 2021

Tiger cats firest win in myday

today received the second dose vaccine first one was on July 10 Pfizer for the first and second thanks all for letting me know take care

August 08, 2021

today covid 19 vaccines in myday

today i received second dose covid 19 vaccines dose at 10 00 am the Pfizer for 1 and 2 got the first one on July 10

July 25, 2021

tiger cats in myday

link from open dairy

July 22, 2021

tiger cats in myday

Hamilton Tiger-Cats This Sunday’s training camp practice is OPEN to fans! Admission is free, but tickets are required!, space is limited This Sunday’s training camp practice is OPEN to fans! spac...

going to chack this out to day JULY 3 SCHEDULE 9am - Barton St. Closes to Traffic (Victoria to Wentworth) 11am - Event begins with patio-dining, shopping and live music 8pm - Event ends and clean...

July 01, 2021

Canada day in myday

Happy anada day take care stay safe

June 20, 2021

Happy Father’s Day in myday

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad

June 06, 2021

new dairy site in myday ps this is a new dairy site if you open one let me know

May 04, 2021

appointment for my shot in myday

been calling to get my appointment for my shot as in Canada they are doing 55 and up but the phone lines have been busy the last 2 days so many calling in to get a shot hope one day soon I can ge...

April 21, 2021

snow in myday

woke up to snow on the ground and cold but it’s gone now

March 07, 2021

new ipad in myday

ps link from open dairy my new Ipad

February 13, 2021

winter storm in myday

we are in a Winter Weather Advisory has been snowing all day and very cold brother stopped by to drop of food was going to stay but he wanted to back home due to the storm so he drop...

December 31, 2020

Happy New Year. in myday

Happy New Year. haveing wine and Chinese food to ring in the new year have a good one stay safe

December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas in myday

Merry Christmas snow on the way later tonight for us

December 01, 2020

snow in myday

got our first snow for =this year ll got Christmas stuff put up

November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving in myday

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada stay safe to all in the U S A from Canada stay safe

November 10, 2020

Happy Remembrance day in myday

Happy Remembrance day

October 11, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving in myday

long weekend for us in Canada Happy Thanksgiving

August 29, 2020

Birthday in myday

having some wine and Chinese food for my Birthday

July 29, 2020

hello in myday

masks mandatory in all indoor business and stores in Canada sorry have not been posting but I do read all your posts every day

June 19, 2020

Big fire in myday

a like to a big fire not fair from my place

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