Debate Hangover in These Foolish Things

  • Sept. 30, 2020, 8:49 a.m.
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Hungover. That’s truly how it felt this morning when I woke up.

I told myself not to watch the debates since my mind will never be changed, but I couldn’t help myself when I turned it on. And then, I couldn’t look away once the train rolled off the tracks (immediately). I was sick to my stomach the whole time.

What’s going to happen to our country? What has already happened? It feels like we are being ripped apart at our seams, and I no longer feel secure in my own country. For the first time in my life I feel like we are truly at a turning point and about to be in some real danger. I never imagined this for us. This all seems like a bizarre dream that we can’t seem to wake up from.

I couldn’t sleep last night after the shitshow. I was amped up on sheer exasperation and fear.

How do you stand up in front of your country, the country you are supposed to be leading and not condemn a TERRORIST GROUP?! And in fact, call them to action??! That’s blatant terrorism.

How do you stand up in front of your country and not have a plan for a pandemic that has killed a million people in the world, most of them from YOUR country?!

How do you stand up in front of your country and play into that from the other side? I wish we’d heard better, stronger words of reply than, “will you shut up, man?”

And how do you allow all of that to happen as the moderator of the debate?

I want to vomit and cry at the same time. This can’t be happening and yet…this is 2020.

And this morning I couldn’t drag myself out of bed. I just couldn’t do it. My alarm kept going off and I just kept pressing the snooze button and pulling the comforter up to my chin until I was already late.

I should be excited for this gorgeous day and all of the opportunities. Hell, I even have a lunch date today (RAD to follow). There’s so much to be done, yet I want to curl up in a ball and just snooze-button the next year away.

I need to get rolling. I have to finish a 2021 plan for my licensing project and it just seems almost futile, doesn’t it? Like, what do we have to look forward to anyway? Still, life goes on and we have to make something of it, so off I go…

Hungover as hell,

The Thirsty Oriental September 30, 2020

Yeah. What a shit show.

Complicated Disaster September 30, 2020

I didn't watch it, of course. But one could suggest that the best thing the moderator could do was to let Trump be himself! xx

Florentine September 30, 2020

I saw someone mention what a thing of beauty it would be to watch two women in the presidential debate moderated by a woman. I can’t help but agree. Women show plenty of anger and spread plenty of lies, too, of course. But all the same, I can’t help but feel like the incredible amount of posturing and vile examples of privilege would be much lessened.

WhatDreamsMayCome September 30, 2020

My fear is for the younger people.

girl in recession WhatDreamsMayCome ⋅ September 30, 2020

Yeah, this was my thought too.

Elaine Benes September 30, 2020

I wish Biden had the chance to say more than shut up man too, but it’s amazing he could even get out that many words in a row. Trump was a middle school bully.

Soliloquy September 30, 2020

Oof. I know the feeling. I had a couple of drinks last night to help get through the debate and I'm about 20x more hungover today than I expected. It's probably that mental component added to the physical aspect of too much bourbon. What a shitshow, all around.

bobbi01 September 30, 2020

Mentally I think it is better to watch cartons or house flipping shows.

Wranglingal September 30, 2020

I spent my time painting my anxiety away. I have not even turn on the TV yet and its now almost noon my time. BUT I did hear lots of energy vibes on FB that was enough and turned away my phone.
Have a great day any ways

permanent daylight September 30, 2020

Yeah, it's getting ugly. I'm basically tuned out of the whole election for good now.

I know that we used to be able to disagree with each other in this country without people wanting to fight each other. We need to get back to those days where things were basically civil and civilized.

Same thing going on in our streets and in our schools and everywhere else. We seem to be declining in our basic humanity...

Park Row Fallout September 30, 2020

Yea. I'll quote Dan Rather on this: Who won and lost tonight in a horse race sense, I don’t even want to address. Frankly, I don’t give a damn. This was a sad, sad, sad night for this nation that I love with all my heart. This is a moment to mourn what we have lost, and are in danger of losing.

WizeArtWorx September 30, 2020

It reminded me of a bad SNL sketch that nobody rehearsed and should've been cut from the final show. What. A. Disaster.

plushcreep October 01, 2020

I tuned in against my better judgment, too. And 15 minutes later tuned out...amazed that I had made it through 15 minutes of that shitshow.

Jinn October 05, 2020

It was a disaster but what did we really expect ? Look at who we have running. Doesn’t matter; I am voting for Biden, I have had enough of this mess the last four years :-(

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