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January 04, 2021

A New Year in A New Start

One of my intentions this year is to write here more often . I was preoccupied yesterday and was reading here ; so I missed my chance . In truth everyone’s life seems more interesting than mine ...

September 04, 2019

Linger awhile Summer in A New Start

Fall is here. I am sad , where did Summer go ? I was looking the other way when it passed, I think . Hoping for at least a month more of decent weather. I feel guilty even saying that after seein...

September 01, 2019

Hi ! in A New Start

Due to husband snooping circumstances I had to delete my account recently . If I was a friend or bookmark of yours , would you please add me again ? Thank- you so much .

August 30, 2019

Help in A New Start

I deleted my account because F. read an entry. That was pretty stupid and impulsive . On reflection I think it’s time for a new start . The negative side is my bookmarks/ friends ( I never under...

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