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"More than kisses, words mingle souls."

John Donne

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1 day ago

Negative in My Life

I got my results and I tested negative. So that is good news. Thanks for all the well wishes. I’ve said before that I would just as soon contract the virus and be done with it even though that m...

December 11, 2018

Calendar in My Life

The notice is still on my devices. Happy Birthday

December 05, 2018

Short-Lived in My Life

I wrote something on the 1st which I kept private. I posted the photos on the second. I had time during the day yesterday to write but spent the available time between patients watching Netflix a...

January 19, 2018

January 17th and Today in My Life

10:00 a.m. : It is a balmy 22 degrees outside. The sun is shining gloriously and the thermostat is projected to reach the mid 40’s today. I’m hoping the residual snow on the driveway and patios...

January 08, 2018

1/7/18 in My Life

I’m starting a new book. It is likely to be mostly bullets but writing is writing after all. It is just going to be a simple list of events on each day. Probably won’t make for the most intrig...

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