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July 12, 2022

insomnia in --

I can’t sleep but I’m thinking a lot about trains and tacos.

May 15, 2022

5/15 in --

I have been addicted to Switch Sports bowling. I play online to get items for my character, and it’s been a lot of fun. I even placed first a few times! It’s a challenging game and I still haven’...

March 28, 2022

3/28 in --

I had another birthday almost 3 weeks ago. My youngest has her 4th birthday one week from tomorrow. That went by quickly, my goodness. I’ve been mostly waiting at work. I haven’t had much to do ...

February 02, 2022

Bruno says it looks like rain in --

I have this open sometimes and I stare at the blinking cursor, contemplating how best to summarize the monotonic daily tasks and drudgery of getting through another day, another week. Life is the...

December 20, 2021

Promotion in --

Omg, I got the promotion I surprise-interviewed for at work with a big pay increase! I am pleased. 😎♥️ And proud of myself. I’ve come a long way!

November 28, 2021

Recent likes in --

Stuff I’m into lately: - Panchiko ( - lost (and found) media, mostly music - playing Nier: Replicant (still, got it when it came ...

November 27, 2021

curiosity in --

If we lived in a world that allowed more free time and you could volunteer/work very minimally, what would you do with your time? This can be answered with any scenario you choose (UBI, a lot mor...

November 13, 2021

cloudbusting in --

I’ve been listening to the album Hounds of Love by Kate Bush on repeat lately. This song has been stuck in my head: I love it so much. I looked up the lyrics and the song is especially interesti...

November 11, 2021

Nov. Journal Month - 11 in --

Thirsty Thursday - What are your favorite non-alcoholic drinks? Water! I drink so much water. 😎 I also really like hibiscus and lime La Croix. I really miss Pepsi Twist. The last sodas I had were...

November 09, 2021

Nov. Journal Month - 9 in --

Welp I’m doing my best here with trying to write as often as I feel up to it. Out of order, as usual, I took the below prompt from someone and I’m gonna use it for today. I’m rather enjoying the ...

November 04, 2021

Nov. Journal Month - 4 in --

Oops, skipped yesterday. I had a draft and didn’t finish. Probably won’t. I’m picking a random prompt today. List your top five (5) favorite: bands, songs, movies, and TV shows. These are lists a...

November 02, 2021

Nov. Journal Month - 2 in --

I’m doing my own prompt today: Make a list of 30 things that make you happy. taking breaks comfy blankets big hugs from my romantic partner and kids pens with really smooth ink shopping lamps ha...

October 31, 2021

On parenthood in --

When you’re a child the holidays are fun and special. They feel exciting and magical, especially on Halloween when the anticipation of evening grows and grows (after you’ve put on your costume ea...

August 07, 2021

I felt like doing one of these in --

Stolen from PB user ylime: What was the last thing you put in your mouth? - coffee Do you sleep naked? - sometimes Worst physical pain of your life? - Sustaining a corneal abrasion. I hope to god...

August 04, 2021

8/3/21 in --

I am quieter now. The keyboard clacks and pen scrapes are rare these days. I don’t prefer to neglect any of this when life is ticking along without much misery on my part… but I realize that I ha...

June 13, 2021

chapters in --

I bought a car today. M commented earlier today: “Do you ever feel like your life is in chapters? I feel like we are entering a new one and I like it.” I willingly gave my beloved VW Beetle up t...

June 02, 2021

allegory of the cave in --

I’ll never forget the time an ex-partner told me in the middle of a fight that he’s better at arguing than I am so I should give up, then proceeded to insult me and name-call in other ways. I ne...

May 24, 2021

5/24 in --

I have difficulties with getting ahead of myself. I always have. I have a hard time being present, “living in the moment.” I generally prefer to daydream and plan. Sometimes I wonder how many lit...

May 11, 2021

amygdala in --

I was folding a hand towel that I use in the bathroom - light pink, with textured skulls that I bought from an H&M in Denver years ago - and I saw black nail polish etched into the fabric; mo...

April 04, 2021

currents & coincidences in --

I can’t believe it. I nailed that interview I had the Friday before last. I was offered the second level of the position I applied for, and several thousand dollars above the average pay for that...

March 28, 2021

material girl in --

Leaving the Starbucks drive-thru with one of my favorite drinks, listening to a good song really loud and driving my VW Beetle on a gorgeous, spring day. I can’t think of anything more satisfying...

March 23, 2021

rest in --

The doctor I reported to died last week. He had cancer. I still don’t feel like it’s real. He had the kindest soul. I can’t imagine what his family is going through. His three sons, his wife. A...

March 09, 2021

31 in --

I’ve revolved around the sun 31 times today. That’s starting to be quite a few times. I’m further along into a new decade. I feel some things coming into place, but still so much is unknown to m...

February 26, 2021

unfolding in --

8 (I think) long months later This is what I think healthy looks like: You communicate. “I’m a space and time person.” “I know I’m getting there.” I listen, I respect. I communicate. You listen,...

February 21, 2021

On single parenthood in --

I was reflecting on single parenthood earlier today. I’ve been a single parent a couple of different times; this time I’ve been doing it for a little over a year. I am fortunate in that I have tw...

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