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November 28, 2017

28 in NoJoMo 2017

Still touching from years ago, but I’ll skip whatever I wrote for NoJoMo back then. This bit was probably the first real signal that shit was about to turn really bad. How little I knew. 11/28/2...

November 27, 2017

27 in NoJoMo 2017

I didn’t have anything set aside today, so I’m going to steal my wife’s prompt. Anything you are excited about?  Immediately, my Tysabri infusion Wednesday. I’m fatigued this week. It’s been cr...

November 26, 2017

26 in NoJoMo 2017

Going through some of these is mildly amusing. Glad to see the picture is still working, here. NoJoMo Day 26 - 11/26/2012 Rather dull day tying up loose ends at work. Will give it a good 4/5. M...

November 25, 2017

25 in NoJoMo 2017

So, I did get some of the recycling done.  Let’s look again at what I did in 2012.  Somewhat appropriate considering my music choice as I’m reviewing.  If you care. NoJoMo Day 9 - 11/9/2012 Bot...

November 24, 2017

24 in NoJoMo 2017

As promised, Thanksgiving recap… Yesterday morning was spent trying to get this repairman up to my mom’s house. ((long backstory deleted)) They finally got things into working order yesterday mor...

November 23, 2017

23 in NoJoMo 2017

One more week, and I guess that’s something for which I can be thankful. Up early, despite being awake late, because I’m dealing with this guy I’d hired to do some repairs at my mom’s house befor...

November 22, 2017

22 in NoJoMo 2017

November 22nd is an important year for many in the previous generation.  When I was very young, around the 25th anniversary, I took keen interest in it.  Later, there was the Oliver Stone movie. ...

November 21, 2017

21 in NoJoMo 2017

What inspires you to keep writing? Right now?  That I’m waiting for these repairmen to return, finish the job I hired them for. More generally?  It keeps me somewhat level.  I can sit back, close...

November 20, 2017

20 in NoJoMo 2017

I was reminded to write this after participating in discussions with people at the office. Oh yea! I need to write aobut that1 checks football games Well, the Vikings-Lions game will probably be...

November 19, 2017

19 in NoJoMo 2017

Resampling more, but here goes. NoJoMo Day 5 - 11/5/2012 Double duty again today, because I would like to say a little about each. 1. Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Both? Do you wish you ...

November 18, 2017

18 in NoJoMo 2017

Are you listed as an organ or bone marrow donor? Why or why not? Day 7 - 11/7/2012 Are you listed as an organ or bone marrow donor? Why or why not? Yes. Because I really don’t need them after I...

November 17, 2017

17 in NoJoMo 2017

Today’s key? Traceability. If you call me on something, and I make an assertion, rest assured I will back it up. Recycling more...... NoJoMo Day 4 - 11/4/2012 Since I don’t have a tome for eith...

November 16, 2017

16 in NoJoMo 2017

What I wrote in 2012: NoJoMo Day 1 - 11/1/2012 Writing Prompt: What has been your biggest accomplishment in your life so far? Have spent a lot of time considering what I should choose for this; I...

November 15, 2017

15 in NoJoMo 2017

Today was supposed to be free writing. I did do a bit, but really hadn’t finished. When I started preparting to write this year, I started through my archives, looking for writing ideas. I think ...

November 14, 2017

14 in NoJoMo 2017

Another day where I was too busy to even glance at this. Listening to Mouthy Broadcast probably isn’t terribly helpful to writing..... No, my Fitbit band doesn’t stink, but then, I have to lock...

November 13, 2017

13 in NoJoMo 2017

What an evil number. I didn’t even have a minute to devote to hammering on this today. I don’t know what to think about that. How do you handle someone being inappropriate? It really depends o...

November 12, 2017

12 in NoJoMo 2017

Have you ever had a strong belief completely disproven by facts and evidence? Maybe it’s that I don’t have a lot of strong beliefs, but no. Have there been things I’ve changed my conclusion on...

November 10, 2017

10 in NoJoMo 2017

Do you think you can ever trust a politician’s word? When it’s preceded by a subtle ring knock on the nearest table, absolutely. Yes, this isn’t what I was planning to finish today.  Well, that ...

November 09, 2017

9 in NoJoMo 2017

The subject for this email is “Number Nine.” Paul is dead. Or not. The two most-talented Beatles are, though. Some will take that as something other than the truth, and think that me saying that ...

November 08, 2017

8 in NoJoMo 2017

Are you happy with the person you’ve become I don’t know that I could have been anything else? Do I have regrets about how I’ve acted in certain situations? Sure; who doesn’t? Have I ever done ...

November 06, 2017

6 in NoJoMo 2017

Things are very disjointed today. I actually forgot about trying to write during the day. Amazingly, though, I wasn’t incredibly sleepy during the day. This is a big change for me. That I fel...

November 05, 2017

5 in NoJoMo 2017

Getting into the swing after a few days, or maybe my meds are kicking in. Who knows? Would you read a controversial book, such as “Mein Kampf” or “The Communist Manifesto”? I’ve read The Communi...

November 04, 2017

4 in NoJoMo 2017

Today I wanted to free write. Sarah thinks that it’s a cop-out, but I was really tired yesterday. I’m still tired, but the Tysabri infusion is starting to kick in. Today’s accompaniment to writi...

November 03, 2017

3 in NoJoMo 2017

Once again, this is kinda incomplete. A result of getting home late, not being able to write during the day. Since I email these back and forth to myself, I game mysel the subject of “Tres Commas...

November 02, 2017

2 in NoJoMo 2017

Do you ever feel conflicted when someone you admire comes under controversy? I had to look at this one before I got in the shower this morning so I’d have some time to think about it. Consider...

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