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August 20, 2017

20 in Summer 2017

So, yes, this is the last post of this writing streak. My mother came down yesterday with presents/wishes/etc.. After showing her the rooftop party area of our building, we went to Doumar’s for ...

August 19, 2017

19 in Summer 2017

Winding down to the end, here. Tomorrow will be free-write, so I’ll use one of my last remaining prompts. The unused ones, including the list I can’t seem to concentrate on to write. Do you belie...

August 18, 2017

18 in Summer 2017

As the morning progresses, I get to spend the day dealing with the Virginia Employment Commission who’ve, for whatever reason, frozen my account with them. Probably going to have to make a trip t...

August 17, 2017

17 in Summer 2017

I really can’t get motivated to write one of my prompts, so today is free write. Made some progress yesterday in the employment hunt.  Today’s nearly $700 after-tax payment for health insurance s...

August 15, 2017

15B in Summer 2017

  I do have to do an extra entry, still, to get back on track.  So I’m going to recycle a survey from 2012.   Deleting the questions that were OD-specific. Old stuff below, then I’ll do the same ...

August 15, 2017

15 in Summer 2017

I’m not really feeling any of my prompts this morning.  Try to re-sample something I wrote on this date in the past, and there’s not a lot. 08/15/2011 - 8/15/2011 Amazon’s “Gold Box” recommended...

August 14, 2017

14 in Summer 2017

Some busy things this week. Fingers-crossed that there’ll be something promising for work. I need to make a phone call after I got an odd update on Saturday about something I’d applied for back...

August 13, 2017

13 in Summer 2017

Yesterday was bad. A lot of the day I spent watching coverage of what was going on in Charlottesville. (How does Chrome’s inline spell-check think that I misspelled that?) It doesn’t matter, thou...

August 12, 2017

12 in Summer 2017

Woke up too early this morning. One of the top stories on the local news was this. That they’re pulling out shows what a failure the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act is. One of my fr...

August 11, 2017

11 in Summer 2017

I meant to go look for old things to write about this morning. I slept oddly last night, and am worried about email nonsense I haven’t addressed since probably 2005. When I logged on to Facebook ...

August 10, 2017

10 in Summer 2017

Guilty admission, I’m starting on this the day before. I saw a story about where I used to be, and it looks like that maybe, they were looking for any excuse to shed people like me. I may have ...

August 09, 2017

09 in Summer 2017

Not a lot going on, just a waiting game on things. Today’s big thing is getting a Tysabri recharge, the first since I got cast aside from my position. The timing isn’t working out exactly as I w...

August 08, 2017

08 in Summer 2017

Because eight is great!!1! On the other hand, my CSS skills, notsomuch. Things are moving somewhat. The weather is nasty, but at least the windows didn’t leak this time. So many different path...

August 07, 2017

07 in Summer 2017

Fourteen more to write for this round. I still owe one from my two days’ late start. I keep getting sidetracked by other things when it comes to sitting down to write this entry. An acquaintanc...

August 06, 2017

06 in Summer 2017

It’s Sunday morning. I have several prompts from which I could have chosen, but I went investigating back through old writings to find something more appealing. That probably wasn’t a good idea...

August 05, 2017

05 in Summer 2017

Slept oddly after falling asleep before 2300. But up now, water, pill case filled, etc.. It’s pretty sad when a highlight involves pouring pills from the bottle, and getting exactly the number yo...

August 04, 2017

04 in Summer 2017

Writing, wondering what’s going to happen next. Things can seem to move at a snail’s pace during the summer if your livelihood is dependent upon government action. This is a tough few weeks, anyw...

August 03, 2017

03 in Summer 2017

I meant to use this one earlier, but I accidentally used the wrong one.  Three things was supposed to go on the third. shrug I fuck things up from time to time.  My brain is scarred or something....

August 02, 2017

Two in Summer 2017

Yesterday morning’s hopefulness has been replaced with worry after not hearing anything from the promising opportunity yesterday. I’m still pretty confident, though, even if that one doesn’t co...

August 01, 2017

One in Summer 2017

So, new month, same issues. Very disappointed my Tysabri infusion isn’t until next week. I’m exhausted, and need a recharge. Very positive conversation yesterday about work pursuit. We’ll see w...

July 31, 2017

31 in Summer 2017

Phone interview this afternoon. We’ll see how it goes. The position looks eerily-similar to the one I took in the summer of 2007. If I could get back to that money with those benefits, I’d be ...

July 29, 2017

29 in Summer 2017

Yesterday was spent dealing with progress on the job search, and dealing with my rebelling body. The next Tysabri does is only eleven days away, but it feels like an eternity. It doesn’t make a ...

July 28, 2017

28B in Summer 2017

I started two days late, so I’ll write more. My wife is off doing something or the other, and I’m waiting on calls about my many job applications, so I’ll do a second entry for today. I don’t hav...

July 28, 2017

28 in Summer 2017

My wife provided me many prompts. I’ll be using some of them this summer. The remainder will wait until NoJoMo in November. Maybe by then, I’ll have figured out how to get my old content back. ...

July 27, 2017

27 in Summer 2017

I’m on the phone with a hospital system, trying to figure out payment stuff. The medication I’m on for MS is incredibly expensive. They pay up to my out-of-pocket maximum on my nearly $700/mo. p...

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